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Flexible Plastic Cloth Rotogravure Printing Press

printing machinery

  • Model No: LN-CH-2006
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Designed for printing all types of plastic cloth. The machine features extra wide printing capacity combined with the operation of a flexible plastic cloth making machine to create unmatched performance in PVC and PE plastic cloth printing.
2. Fully automatic splicing device allows for continuous operations without stopping the machine. This eliminates machine downtime and reduces labor waste.
3. Specially designed fully automatic tension control provides extremely smooth operation, creates a perfect printing condition and reduces defect ratios to the minimum.
4. Employs advanced PLC (programmable logic control) system for high production and high printing quality.

Specification :

1. Max. printing width: 2000 min

2. Max. machine speed: 120 m/ mm

3. Max. web dia. of unwinder: Ø 600 mm

4. Max. web dia. of rewinder: Ø 600 mm

5. Dia. of printing cylinder: Ø 127 mm ~ Ø 400 mm

6. Max. printing speed: 50-100 y/ min

Features :

Human machine interfacing touch sensing controller provides maximum convenience. Operation is effortlessly controlled by the computer system.

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