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Automobile Shock Absorbers

automobile shock absorbers

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Decreases car's tilting angle when making sharp turns.
2. Adjustable for desired shock-absorbing degree.
3. Lowers the damaging rate of the shock-absorber cylinder.
4. Maintains original comfort.
5. Strengthens shock absorption when driving by bumps and holes
6. Can be installed without disassembling the shock absorber.
7. Two Years guarantee.
8. world patents. High quality and high performance, (ARTC test report)

Specification :

The Factor to Cause Over-curving Tilt Now, let’s further know about the factors to cause the generally seen over-curving tilt of vehicles and the relevant detailed procedure clarification: When vehicles are turning directions, the centrifugal force will cause weight deviating from the center to the outer side. At this moment, the inner spring device will outstretch due to decreased weight load and the outer spring will be compressed due to increased weight load. This is exact the factor to cause tilt of vehicle body and the tilt will be larger whenever the weight transmission is larger accordingly. When vehicle speed is still kept accelerating or the curve radius is decreased, it means there will be more weight transmitting to the outer side. Whenever weight load is fully transmitted to the outer wheel side, the outer spring device will dramatically sink. (It is because all weight load has stressed onto the outer side and the spring length will be compressed and decreased to half of its original length.). At this moment, the inner wheel will deviate and float off the ground to cause vehicle body turnover. Additional Support Tilt-proof King can allow the outer spring with the sufficiently additional support right on the compression directions so that the spring device will never sink so dramatically and assure vehicle body with less and safer tilt movement to prevent from turnover of vehicle body.

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