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New PCB Laser Drilling Machines


  • Model No: HUVD-500A
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Laser drilling is the newest technology in the world. This technology can drill smaller holes than its mechanical counterparts. As a result, the boards can be smaller and thinner. There are two models in the printed circuit board, PCB, laser driller series. The HD600 was the first PCB driller designed and patented by our company. Later, the HUVD-50 advanced PCB driller was born. The PCB driller uses a high performance CO2 or UV laser, a high speed scanning system, a precision worktable, and a special optical system. Based on the CAD drawing provided, the software determines the processing procedure automatically to ensure a fast, accurate, and automated driller.
2. Application: PCB drilling.

Specification :

1. Laser type: UV355nm, property right.

2. Number of laser beam: single beam.

3. Average laser power: 6W.

4. Laser pulse doration: 50ns (typical data).

5. Laser working frequency: 20KHz.

6. X-Y worktable scope: 650mm × 550mm.

7. Resolution: 0.0005mm.

8. Repetition accuracy: ±0.005mm.

9. Repetition accuracy: ±0.002mm.

10. Drilling accuracy: ±0.02mm.

11. The scope of scanner: 50mm × 50mm.

12. Scanner accuracy: ±0.01mm.

13. Speed of worktable: 50 m per minute.

14. Max.drilling speed: <500 holes per second.

15. Electrical source: 380V / 50Hz / 5A.

16. Processes copper and resin directly (RCC,FR4,LDP).

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