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Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machines

marking diameter

  • Model No: EP-Twin25S
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Marking function: GUI, graph processing function, multi file modes support, character editing function, auto serial num marking, filling marking, optimization of scanning speed and parameter, continuous marking, layers marking, testing marking, memory card storage, undo / redo function, intelligent control interface deployed with the outer equipment.
2. Others:
(1) System protection level: IP54.
(2) Laser safety level: classIV.
(3) Cooling mode: high accuracy constant temperature / close loop water cooling.

Specification :

1. Marking diameter:

(1) Lens: F254 (standard), F160 (Optional).

(2) Marking area: 180mm x 360mm, 110mm x 220mm.

(3) Working distance: 299mm(± 2mm), 182mm(± 2mm).

(4) Marking speed: 400character / sec, 300character / sec.

(5) Mincharacter: 0.2mm, 0.1mm. (6) Min linear width: 70μm, 45μm.

2. Marking laser:

(1) Laser type / wavelength: Nd YVO4 / 1064nm.

(2) Output power: 10W (single head).

(3) Power stability(8h): <± 1%rms.

(4) Laser beam quality M2: <2.5(@ total CW power 10W from laser system).

(5) Pulse repetition frequency: ≤100kHz.

3. Indication laser:

(1) Laser type / wavelength: LD red beam,wavelength 650nm.

(2) Output power: <5mW.

4. Character type:

(1) User font: Chinese and English fonts.

(2) Truetype font: font designed by microsoft and apple has been installed in the computer.

(3) Correction character: auto schedule, auto time limit counting, shift code setting, auto calculator, layer marking.

(4) Bar code: CODE39, EAN standard, EAN shorten code, CODE128, EAN 128, 39 code, extending 39 code, datamatrix, cross25code, upc A bar code, PDF417.

(5) 2D code: QR code, micro QR code, data model(ECC200).

(6) Marking graph: user defined character, CAD data, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, PCX, TAG, IOO, PNG, GIF, PLT.

(7) Marking moving mode: fixed point, beeline, spot line, circle, ellipse, etc.

5. Marking condition: marking type, static / dynamic marking.

6. Operation system: operation system, windows XP / 2000 / 98SE.

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