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350 Ton Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines


  • Model No: CF-350DC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Clear control panel at-a-glance for easy control of the console by the operator, monitor of location of each and all switches, automatic prompt of location of failure, prompt of manual operation for quick learning; decades of field experience proved man-machine interface touch screen controller to warrant longer service life, lower failure, significantly reduction of service cost, and easier operation and learning.
2. Memory capacity permits storage of 100 sets of mold parameters; allowing storage of mold parameters in process to be called out if repeated production is required in future.
3. Fast locating the failure as taught by the screen for immediate repair, particularly in the absence of the service crew from the genuine maker of the part failed.
4. All control devices being installed in the monitor to avoid damages to the contacts observed with conventional model due to limited use, service light of coils and bulbs, and environmental factors.
5. Self-lubricated chucks require oil refill by quarter for easy maintenance and cleaning of the console, operation control and extended service life of the console.
6. Embedded boosting system to reach the boosting result in short time; pressure regulation feasible since oil injection and boosting oil are separately provided from each other.
8. Build-in integrated injection system to reduce pressure loss, and maintain sensitivity and reliability of injection speed.

Specification :

1. Clamping system:

(1) Locking force Ton: 350.

(2) Tie bar diameter mm: 125.

(3) Die platen size (H x V) mm: 1010 x 1010.

(4) Between tie bar (H x V) mm: 655 x 655.

(5) Die plunger stroke mm: 420.

(6) Thickness of die mm: 300 ~ 700.

2. Injection system:

(1) Injection force Ton: 12.

(2) Injection stroke mm: 500.

(3) Plunger tip diameter mm: 70.

(4) Casting capacity (70%) kg: 3.

(5) Nozzle to center mm: -150.

(6) Casting area cm2: 1129.

(7) Casting areas cm2: 565.

(8) Casting pressure kgs/ cm2: 310.

(9) Casting pressure kgs/ cm2: 620.

3. Ejector force:

(1) Ejector force Ton: 20.

(2) Ejector stroke mm: 120.

4. Hydraulic system:

(1) Casting cycle cycle/min: 6.

(2) Unit pressure kgs/ cm2: 90.

(3) Oil tank capacity litter: 1000.

5. Electrical system:

(1) Motor style hp 30.

(2) Electric and power V/Hz 220V~380V / 50~60Hz.

6. Mhine measure: Overall dimensions mm: 6500 x 1900 x 3000.

7. Machine weight (net) Ton: 15.

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