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Resin Soften Filters (Water Treatments)

water treatments

  • Model No: B-602
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Positive ion exchange resin:
Ion exchange is the process of purifying a liquid solution by passing it through a bed of ion exchange resin. An exchange of ions between the liquid and the solid ion exchange resin takes place and is controlled by the functional group attached to the resin matrix. Cation resins have a negative fixed charge and exchange the positively charged ions; anion resins have a positive fixed charge and exchange the negatively charged ions. The exchange of ions is reversible in most instances by passing a highly concentrated regenerating solution through the bed of ion exchange resin. The cation and anion resins can be mixed together and used in a single vessel called a mixed bed exchanger to produce a higher effluent water quality than can typically be achieved with two bed systems. Upon exhaustion of the mixed bed, the cation and anion resins must be separated for regeneration and remixed prior to returning to service.

Specification :

1.Matrix: polystyrene. 2.Function group: -SO3Na. 3.Appearance: little sphere. 4.Ionic form: Na+. 5.Total exchange capacity: >2.00 eq / L. 6.Moisture content(%): 40 ~ 50 %. 7.False density: 800 ~ 850g / L. 8.True(Wet) density (g/ml): 1.25 ~ 1.31. 9.Granular: 300-1180µ. 10.Character: acid-proof. 11.Reflux speed: 5 ~ 40 BV/h. 12.Revive way: NaCl. 13.Revive concentration: 5 ~ 7. 14.Revive time: 30min. 15.Rate: 2 ~ 8.

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