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Small Character Printing Ink Jet Machines

small character printing ink jet machines

  • Model No: LASER INK JET-S3
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Jet printing line: 1-3 lines.
2. Jet printing matrix: English words 8 x 8, 8 x 16, 6 x 16, and Chinese characters 16 x 16, and pattern any matrix within 24 x 24.
3. Storage information: store ten pieces of jet printing information.
4. Jet printing speed: 2 m/ sec. (single row 8×8 matrix, character width 5mm), the speed slow down as character width becomes smaller and smaller.
5. Jet printing character altitude: 1.5 mm to 15 mm, adjustable.
6. Operation interface: Chinese menu display with graphic editing function.
7. Chinese supporting: international one grade and two grade Chinese character library, Chinese spelling input method and Chinese section input method inside it.
8. Jet printing content: jet print date, time, lot number and serial number.
9. Jet printing material: metal, plastic, glass, wood, pipe and construction material.
10. Character width: width can be multiplied by nine times.
11. Jet printing distance: the maximum distance between jet head to object is 30mm.
12. Jet head throat: no less than 2.5m.
13. Jet printing direction: 3600 all-round.
14. Jet printing mode: auto jet printing, photoelectric switch control, support synchronous function.
15. Jet printing ink: black, blue, red, yellow. Adelomorphic and anti-transference ink for option.
16. Temperature range: 5-45℃.
17. Humidity range: below 90%.
18. Power supply requirements: AC 220V 50Hz.

Specification :

1. Ink pump: micropump gear pump. 2. Ink path control: SMC electromagnetic valve. 3. Display: 240 x 128 white back light LCD. 4. Keyboard: stainless handle membrane keyboard. 5. Photoelectric switch: reflective type NPN. 6. Spay-head throat: plastic pipe. 7. Bracket: stainless bracket to install spray head and photoelectric switch. 8. Cabinet: stainless cover. 9. Ink box capability: 500ml. 10. Thinner capability: 500ml. 11. Gas source: without gas. 12. Belt line worktable: the user provides this part or ask our company to make it (charge its cost).

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