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V1360(A) Vertical Machining Center

vertical machining center

  • Model No: V1360(A)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The table is fully supported on the entire stroke, assuring superior stability for heavy loads.
2. The spindle features a floating tool release design to prevent the spindle bearings from bumping during tool changing. This also extends the spindle service life and durability (optional).
3. The lubrication system for three axes employs a volumetric oil distributor, combined with well-arranged brass oil tubes uniform lubrication points and oil amount on the far and near ends. It fully eliminates the problems of uneven lubrication on all slideways (optional).
4. Class C3, pre-tensioned ballscrews on the three axes and double nuts, combined with pre-tensioned ballscrew supports at both ends, fully eliminate transmission backlash. Ballscrews have been subject to compensation for thermal growth errors to assure high positioning accuracy and repeatability.
5. The bearing arrangements on the X and Y axes are three each at the front and the rear. On the Z-axis there are three bearings at the upper end and two at the lower.
6. The pneumatic system parts, F.R.L. combination unit and solenoid valves employ American Parker brand and French Legris air hoses featuring minimum trouble and long service life (optional).
7. The counter-balancing system is equipped with Japanese-made TYC BL634 silent chains, which greatly extend service life (optional).

Specification :

1. X-axis travel: 1300 mm. 2. Y-axis travel: 650 mm. 3. Z-axis travel: 600 mm. 4. Spindle nose to table surface: 120-720 mm.

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