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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

cold chamber die casting machines

  • Model No: SD-500CE/CF
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Shot and ejection position:Digital setting.
2. High-speed toggle link mechanism design:Enhance productivity.
3. Guide with built-in design:Replace molds quickly and efficiently.
4. Memory storage for casting parameters:Up to 100 models.
5. Error message and historical records display.
6. The lubricant discharge is controlled by the cycle times of die opening and closing.
7. During injection , the pressure of the core could be opted to alter.
8. The number of cycles for providing plunger tip lubricant can be adjusted.
9. The order of sprayers and cores’ operation can be set.
10. Automation setting:Shorten cycle time.

Specification :

1. Ingenious injection system: unique two-cylinder injection system with special hydraulic circuit. Succinct design with less space.

2. Direct key-in data on panel: casting conditions and time settings centralize on panel. Easy operation for everyone

3. Die locking force: 4900 (500) /KN (ton).

4. Injection force: 218.5 ~ 490(22.3 ~ 50)/ KN (ton).

5. Maximum casting pressure: 131.2(1339), 100.4(1024), 79.4(810) / Mpa (kgf/cm2).

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