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Automatic Filling & Capping Machines

automatic filling and capping machines

  • Model No: FC004001
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Bottle your company’s drinks with ease and speed. This machine is designed for rapid filling and capping of bottles of refrigerated milk or yogurt drinks into PE bottles. It is also used to bottle pasteurized products, allowing longer shelf life such as: soy drinks, rice milk, flavored milk products , tea/ coffee products, and acidic/non-acidic drinks kept in PP bottles.
Unique Features:
(1)All parts contacting the liquid are made completely from stainless steel and treated with a special sanitary polish to ensure the equipment meets all sanitary requirements.
(2)A CIP spraying ball installation inside the filling tank is available upon request to connect with the circulation washing system.
(3)The specially designed clamp-style filling head is easy to install or dismantle to allow convenient daily cleaning and sanitization.
(4)Changing the bottle size is simple as it only requires replacing the Bottle In-feed Screw, Guide Plate, Bottle Hook, and Rotating Disk with the appropriate size. No special tools are required for this task.

Specification :

Capacity: 120bottles /min (300ml/bottle) 60bottles/min(1000ml/bottle) We can custom design it to suit customers’ needs.

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