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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamers

hyperbaric oxygen chamers

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Detail Information

Description :

Patient safety:
1. The patient stop button located inside the chamber allows for pressurization stop if a patient feels uncomfortable. The patient stop function can be easily overridden at any time by the operator.
2. An oxygen analyzer built into the control panel continuously monitors the level of oxygen inside the chamber. This ensures accurate confirmation of hyperbaric oxygen being delivered to the patient.
3. Pressurization cannot be activated before the chamber door is closed and thoroughly secured.
4. During the treatment, the chamber door remains secure utilizing an interlocking system of mechanical and pneumatic locks.
5. Several safety valves are strategically located to prevent over-pressurization of the chamber.
6. A fire retardant mattress and wide dished-bed are included with the adjustable gurney.
7. The chamber is completely grounded and a patient wrist strap is provided for patient grounding.
8. Emergency decompression can be safely accomplished by utilizing a convenient push-button exhaust control mechanism.
9. A specially-designed speaker located inside the chamber enables continuous audio monitoring of a patient during treatment.
10. Gas filtration of moisture and particles down to one-micron is used to provide only hight quality purified gas to the chamber and the patient.

Specification :

1. Dimension: (1) Length: 2200 mm / 86.6 inches. (2) Width: 1000 mm / 39.4 inches. (3) Height: 1400 mm / 55 inches. (4) Internal diameter: 813 mm / 32 inches. (5) Internal volume: 1.06 cubic meters / 37.5 cubic feet. (6) Weight: 940 kg / 2068 Ibs.

2. Pressures: (1) Max. operating pressure: 29.4 psig (3ATA). (2) Design temperature range: 0-50 Deg. C/32 122 Deg. F. (3) Medical gas supply: 50-70 psig @820 Ipm. (4) Ventilation rate: 60-480 Ipm. (5) Compression rate: 1-5 psig / min. (6) Emergency decompression rate: 0.5 psig / sec Max.

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