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Arc Welding Robot Systems (Long Arm)

arc welding robot systems

  • Model No: TA-1800WG
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The arc welding robot systems (TAWERS):
1. Drastically reduced spatter generation by SP-MAG welding method and secondary switching control
2. Higher performance manipulator with sensitive collision guard
3. Advanced software high speed waveform control technology and 100kHz super high speed inverter
4. Weld monitor function monitors Weld curren, voltage, with feed speed etc. constantly and indicates warning if the defect occurred.

Specification :

1. Payload: 8kg. 2. Axis of freedom: 6 axis. 3. Position repeatability: +/-0.1mm or less. 4. Weight of manupulator: 185kg. 5. Input: three phase AC 200V +/- 20V, 23kVA. 6. Control axis: 6 (maximum 27). 7. Applicable welding method: CO2/ MAG/ stainless MIG/ pulse MAG/ pulse stainless MIG. 8. Welding output current: DC 30A - 350A. 9. Rated duty cycle of welding power unit: (1) CO2 / MAG / stainless MIG: 80%. (2) Pulse MAG / pulse stainless MIG: 60%. 10. Weight of controller: 110kg (including welding power unit).

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