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Tire Numbering Printers

tire numbering printer

  • Model No: SC-TIWRNP-1A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Functional printing design is capable of data marking for customized setting, such as series no., batch no. data, and so on. It helps administrators to trace the defective products.

Specification :

1. Numbering printer: 8~12 digit automatic numbering printer (Made in Japan), (Printer can numbering and stamping continuously).
2. White rubber suitable width (Max.): 55 mm.
3. White rubber cutting type: pneumatic type white rubber auto-cutting mechanism.
4. White rubber servicer: pre-storing type white rubber and lining cloth roll servicer.
5. Pneumatic cylinder for printing: 3 sets. (Twin shafts adjustable type pneumatic cylinder).
6. Pneumatic control valve: 3 sets. (Japan pneumatic control valve).
7. Gear reducer for servicer: 1 set. (Worm gear reducer 1/4HP x 1/30).
8. Electric control plane: automatic/manual electric control plane.
9. (Setting for printing quantity of white rubber. Printer automatically stops printing until finish quantity of white rubber.)
10. White rubber printing speed: 50 pieces/per minute. (Default speed, speed can be adjusted by timer).

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