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PC Base System Control Tire Drum Testing Machines

tire drum testing machine

  • Model No: SC-TDTM-PCB-1A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Functional design, for tire endurance and tire high speed performance test.
2. Entire tire test run, including criteria setting, execution, and monitor, is indicated and recorded by PC-base controller.
3. Entire test run criteria setting, including running speed, tire load, running time, and running distance can be interlaced. PC-base system control tire drum testing machine can set up to 30 test steps at one time base on customers’ needs and international test standard.
4. Entire test outcome can be stored in PC automatically and print out when it is necessary.
5. Tire broken automatic detector, is accurate to record all the related data while tire is broken.
6. Special devices can be optional.
(1) The dynamic radius measuring system.
(2) The static radius measuring system.
(3) Tire outer surface temperature measuring system (Infrared scanning for multi point checking).
7. One motors, one flywheel, and two tires independent testing system design. They are able to test 2 different specifications of tires at the same time. Users can set up different test criteria for each testing station. Such as running distance, running time, and tire loading.
8. PC-base system control tire drum testing machine equips 2 types of tire rims. The specification of tire rim can be customerized.

Specification :

1. Specification: SC-TDTM-PCB-1A.
2. Tire type: I/C, M/C, S/C, P/C, L/T: Ø350mm ~Ø850mm (overall diameter).
3. Tire test speed: (1) Range: 0~225 km/hr ± 1%. (2) Tire test load: Max. 1760 kgf (Ø 40 mm x 140 kgf/cm2).
4. Tire test station: twin side independent type PC-base system control testing stations.
5. Tire test roadwheel: Ø1707.6 x 400Widthmm.
6. Roadwheel motor: 75 HP x 420V x 1750 RPM DC motor (4Q type).
7. Tire test loading type: twin side independent type hydraulic cylinder loading type.
8. Hydraulic control type: twin side independent type hydraulic cylinder servo control system.
9. Oil pump system: twin side independent type oil pump (3 HP x 6P).
10. Overall dimensions: 5365 Lengthmm x 2330Widthmm x 1800Heightmm.
11. Net weight: 5500 kgw (including main control plane and motor control plane).
12. Rim type: equips with 2 PCS of tire rim (The customer choose specifications).

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