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Truck Tire Wrapping Machines

truck tire wrapping machine

  • Model No: SC-TWM-VT-PCLT-1A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Truck tire wrapping machine can be used for any other similarly shaped products.
2. Fully automated processing: once the tire is placed on the locating wheel and the package wrap is tied in place, select settings for speed and press the fully automated button to activate the packaging process.
3. Flywheel gap automatic upward detent: once the tire is packaged a flywheel automatically moves the tire upward and fixes it in a position that is easy for the operator to access and remove the tire.
4. Package wrap replacement made simple: the structure is especially designed so that when it's time to replace the package wrap there's no need to disassemble any part of the machine, saving replacement and wrap tension adjustment time.
5. Package wrap tensioner: the operator can decide the elasticity of the package wrap and adjust the tension accordingly.
6. Package wrap overlap width control: the operator is free to decide to what width the package wrap should overlap and adjust accordingly.
7. The process of packaging can include simultaneous application of labels indicating tread center and trademark.
8. 2 motors design, including gear motor and brake one, to drives flywheel and wrapping movement simultaneously, to ensure wrapping process smoothly.
9. Production capacity counter, flywheel speed tuner, wrapping speed turner, and wrapping time turner are digital input, rather than analogy one.
10. Truck Tire wrapping machine operator can easily operate two machines at the same time.

Specification :

1. Specification: SC-TWM-VT-PCLT-1A.
2. Tire type applicable: passenger & light truck.
3. Tire size applicable: 4.50-10~7.50-16.
4. Wrapping tape size: Ø x Ø x 90Widthmm. 5. Tire wrapping speed: 8~16 sec./per piece.
6. Drive motor: 2 HP x 6P brake motor.
7. 1 HP x 4P x 1/15 gear reducer.
8. Compressed air pressure: Max. 7 kgf/cm2.
9. Power supply: AC 220V/380V x 50/60 Hz x 3Ø.
10. Machine dimensions: 1500Lengthmm x 1200Widthmm x 1700Heightmm.

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