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Heel Pressure Reduced Sporting Gel Socks

heel pressure reduced sporting gel sock

  • Model No: N-116
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Gel sock feature: (foot heath care)
(1) The soft gel lined in the heel part can absorb shocks and reduce pressure.
(2) Gel socks help reduce the pressure of body and the ache of shoulder.
(3) Gel socks help prevent the sports injury and reduce the pressure of the cervical vertebra.
(4) Gel socks help prevent and improve the heel cracks.
(5) Heel pressure reduced sporting gel socks, healthy socks, gel socks, moisturized socks.
6. Gel socks help prevent blister caused.
2. For:
(1) People who stand for a long period.
(2) People would like to recover of sports injury.
(3) People who have heel cracks.
(4) Athlete & mountain climber would like to reduce the foot fatigue.
(5) People who would like to care of foot wound.

Specification :

Specification: 1. Size: free. 2. Color: black / beige. 3. Contents: 80% NYLON / 20% spandex ; 100% TPR-gel.

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