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CI Roll-To-Roll Printing Machine For Woven Bags

ci roll-to-roll printing machine

  • Model No: CS-RWC1064
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Each machine consists of:
1. Elevator for Loading Fabric:
Model: PS-B, for lift of 1ton.
2.Unwinding and take-up unit:
(1) Two working position unwinding (one standby, one unwinding).
(2) Sensor control no-stop fabric roll switch-over.
(3) EPC for unwinding.
3. Full auto printing unit (double impression cylinder):
(1) 1 set of servo-motor for driving with inverter control.
(2) 2 pcs of impression cylinder.
(3) 10 sets of printing roller, anilox roller and rubber roller for 10 colors.
(4) 10 sets of auto-recirculation/mixing system for paint mixture (air pump).
4. 2 sets of infra red dryers for both sides drying:
(1) Auto lift when stopping printing.
(2) Dryer size: 800mm×1000mm.
5. Cutting unit:
(1) Vertical & heat cutting with bag mouth open system.
(2) Auto counting, stacking & conveyor-belt advancing.
(3) Servo motor controls the cutter.
6. Winder:
(1) Take-up unit to control winding tension.
(2) EPC equipped for rewinding.
7. Electrical control panel:
(1) 1 set of mitsubishi inverter for unwinding.
(2) 1 set of mitsubishi inverter for winding.
(3) 1 set of mitsubishi inverter for main motor.
(4) 1 set of servo controller for servo motor to control printing.
(5) 1 set of mitsubishi inverter for take-up unit.
(6) 1 set of servo controller for servo motor to control cutting.

Machine feature:
1. Single-pass, two side printing.
2. High precision color positioning.
3. No roller change needed for different printing sizes.
4. No-stop fabric roll switch-over.
5. Edge position control (epc) for winding and unwinding.
6. Auto recirculation/mixing system for paint mixture.
7. Infra red dryer, auto lift when stopping machine.
8 Vertical heat cut by servo control, with bag mouth open.
9. Servo-motor drive with inverter control.
10. PLC operation control, digital display for operation monitor and operation setting.

Specification :

Technical specifications: 1. Color: two sides 10 colors(6+4). 2. Max. bag width: 800mm. 3. Max. printing area(L x W): 1000 x 700mm. 4. Bag making size (L x W): (400-1200mm) x 800mm. 5. Thickness of printing plate: 4mm. 6. Printing speed: 70-80bags/min. 7. Cutting speed: 60-70pcs/min. 8. Power connection: 29HP. 9. Machine weight: about 12T. 10. Dimension (lay-out): 15560x2000x2400mm.

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