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chanson spa shower filters

  • Model No: BF-007 (WHITE)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Removes residual chlorine and prevents inhaling chlorine gas from tap water: prevents chlorine-caused dandruff.
2. Micro water cluster: the ceramic balls in the product are design to minimize water clusters in order to achieve better cleansing power so as to make skin with more hydrated.
3. Reinvigorating anions: good for sensitive and damaged skin.

1. Heat resistant, chlorine-removing material: the product is constructed using calcium sulfite-the highest grade of chlorine removing material available. It is heat resistant and capable of removing chlorine instantly.
2. Unique anion device: the product features Chanson’s exclusive patent anion swirling deflector. Designed with unique vortex dynamic patterns, when currents pass through the device it will release anions that are beneficial to your health. Not only that, users will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
3. Ceramic balls: the use of ceramic balls make it possible to turn water cluster in to micro water clusters, which offer superior cleaning power and moisture retention. With the product, users will notice significantly improved water retention in skin.
4. Two color appearance for customers to choose - pink / white.

Specification :

1. Item: SPA shower filter.
2. Model: BF-007P/W (includes stainless faucet transformer).
3. Dimensions: 132 x 105mm.
4. Weight: 320-350 g.
5. Filter life: 20000L (approx: 6-12 months use).
6. Temperature: 10-50℃.
7. Water pressure: 4-5 kg/cm².
8. Water flow: 10L/MIN.
9. Materials: ABS.
10. Filter materials: calcium sulfite, energy stone.

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