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Double System Electrostatic Powder Coating Machines

electrostatic powder coating machine

  • Model No: colo-800-2
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Powder spraying equipment(two control modules, two powder gun and one powder hopper).
2. Different guns to be different models, can match with Gema or KCI model guns.
3. Powder gun 2PCS.
4. Host 2 PCS.
5. Powder pump 2PCS.
6. Powder container 1PCS.
7. Trolley 1PCS.
8. Oil-water separator 1PCS.
9. Air pressure regulating valve 1 PCS.

Specification :

Technical data. Electrical data. Power range: 110V/220v.

Frequency: 50HZ. Temperature range in use: -10 ℃+50 ℃.

Powder gun: Gun weight: 500G. Rated output voltage: 24VDC.

Input voltage: - 200kv. Maximum output current: 180Ua(max).

Maximum output voltage: 0-100KV (adjustable).

Maximum powder injection: 600g/min. Polarity: negative (-).

Pneumatic data: Maximum input-air pressure: 10kg/cm.

Optimum input-air pressure: 6kg/cm. Minimum input-air pressure: 4kg/cm.

Maximum water vapor content or compressed air: 1.4g/N m3.

Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air: 0.1ppm.

Maximum compressed-air consumption: 13.2 m3/h.

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