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9F-2, NO.155 ZIZHI ST. WEST DISTRICT, Taichung City 40357, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Since 1973, KWCT has played a vibrant and important role in the development of the saw manufacturing industry, both at a local and international level. Regarded as one of the few pioneers in the Cutting Tool filed, KWCT has developed into a thriving manufacturer of more than 60 types of precision made saws, blades, holesaws and accessories, leading the industry in new product development. KWCT has a production capacity of over five million pieces per month.

*Integrity, initiative, positive, the pursuit of excellence.
*Innovative research and development, product transformation, to high-tech industries.
*Automation, computerization, strategic alliances and international operations.
*Take root in Taiwan, produce innovation and enhance competitiveness.

Main Products

we provide metal cutting saw, decorating cutting saw, woodworking saw, gardening saw, hole saw, hacksaw blades, reciprocating saw blades, tct tungsten carbide tipped hole cutter series, carbide grit hole saws, pvc saws, pruning saws, prunuig saw, tree pole pruner, hex shank hole saw, hand tools saws, oscillating saw blades, jig saw blades, folding saw, pvc saw, curve pruning saws, bow saws, hacksaw frames, diamond hole saws, diamond dill bits, bi-metal hole saws kits, pulling saws, arbors and accessory for bi-metal hole saws, bi-metal hole saws with hexagon shank, nested carbon steel hole saws, wall board saws, coping saw and junior saw blades, exchangeable saw set, surgical saw blades drills, stryker replacement blades, linvatec and hall replacement blades, ao synthes replacement blades, synthes do twist drills.