Screw Compressor-Oil Lubricated Airends / Screw Compressor-Oil Lubricated Airends (II)

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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
A dynamic and forward-looking German high-technology company, EU COMP develops, sells and delivers oil-free and oil-injected compressor stages which set new standards for markets and industries around the globe. Our scope of supply covers related accessories required for the manufacture of screw compressors, including rotary air-ends.

Compressors and stages delivered by EU COMP were built to run under the most arduous conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To ensure that your compressor remains in perfect condition for as long as you need it to be, we apply the highest of quality assurance standards to all components leaving our global assembly facilities.

EU COMP GmbH is a German company and acquired by FUSHENG Industrial at 2013 and offers a wide range of oil-injected screw compressor stages for the OEM market. We develop and manufacture products of excellent quality, performance and reliability. The scope of our screw compressor stages ranges from 5,5kW up to 200kW power consumption. We offer direct/belt driven as well as gear driven units. In order to provide customers with an excellent, extensive, service, EU COMP scope of supply also covers the whole set of components for assembling a complete screw compressor package: from the suction filter to the minimum pressure valve – EU COMP supports its customers with complete solutions.

At EU COMP, service truly deserves its name. Focusing entirely on our customers’ ideas, we create the ideal solution for whatever your requirement may be. Our service includes qualified support, assistance during operation as well as maintenance.

Excelling in durability and reliability, EU COMP's products are bound to set new standards in the industry. Proud of what we do, we believe in our products and in their quality. Our aim is to deliver sophisticated technology that is built for a long, successful service life. As a consequence, we commit to the solution we have created throughout its entire life cycle and stand by your side whenever the need arises.

Main Products

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