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    BJTEK Navigation Inc. correlation personnel invests the GPS industry from 1998 until now to accumulate the quite long time and the experience. Mr. Lotus-Hsieh has established BJTEK since 2006, deeply supported and beloved by the customers in Taiwan/ Japan/ Finland/ Brazil/ Canada/ US/ Turkey /Israel which let BJTEK can continue growing. We, emphatically to the GPS satellite positioning navigation correlation product research and development production, can give the OEM/ODM service depending on the customer demands. At present, BJTEK has produced the GPS Data Loggers and each kind of the attachment designs for ship and vehicle. If you have any question, please call us or send e-mail to us. We will be very glad to hear from you and reply to you soon.

Standard Suppliers

  • Holux Technology Inc.

    HOLUX Technology Inc. is a professional consumer GPS ( Global Positioning System) products provider. It was established in 1994. Since then, we develop and sell GPS and RF products. Current products include Handheld GPS, GPS Receiver and GPS module. Our R&D teams constantly develop new applications for GPS and RF. Being in the industry for more than ten years, Holux is proud of its capabilities to problem-solving know-how. Holux provides extensive support services as well as comprehensive consultation for our products. Holux honors your feedback and works hard to resolve any issues. To ensure the best quality of our products, Holux also participates in voluntary replacement or recall programs for products that may cause functionality issues or potential safety hazard. Principles to develop...

Products Catalog

  • GPS Smart Antennas And Data Loggers
    SR-102 is an easy to use, high performance GPS smart antenna with Data logging capabilities for AVL application, our experienced design provides fast GPS acquisition and excellent tracking performance. It could be used in navigation, timing, and other location-related applications. The Data logging function provides navigation Data containing latitude, longitude, height, velocity, date, and time etc. It supports more than 400,000 Data records or up to 300 days for logging intervals of 1 minute. A separate management tool running on PC windows could be used to change logging intervals and retrieve logging Data. The logging Data could be displayed on tools such as Google Earth.
  • GPS Data Loggers
    K-18 is a GPS Data logger that provides accurate GPS satellite tracking and Data logging onto a micro SD card. K-18 is used for recording journeys, and tracking assets. K-18 records the time, date and GPS locations every second. Its stored Data includes complete GPS NMEA sentences, which gives users the freedom to analyze or utilize the Data any way they want. Cost effective asset tracking: ARKNAV K-18 standard product package includes free testing software—K-18S Tracking Log Management Software. K-18 and K-18S together are a cost-effective tracking solution that can be used for monitoring employees and company assets and fleets. K-18S tracking log management software features: 1. Integrated google maps. 2. Multi-account management: manage Data from multiple Data logs. 3. Total mileage...
  • Bluetooth GPS Data Loggers
    1. BTS-110 bluetooth GPS receiver, a total solution of GPS bluetooth wireless technology, is dedicated design for the user who is usually carry the portable device such as PDAs/smart phones all the time. 2. BTS-110 allows 22 hours continuous use with a single battery charge. 3. Not only transmit satellite information to the PDA or smart phone via bluetooth but also become a G-mouse GPS receiver through a Data cable to deliver satellite information to the device without bluetooth interface.
  • GPS Data Loggers/Locators
    Pedestrian navigation system - GPS guider: Have you ever needed to know where the nearest cinema, restaurant or bar is? Where you left your car? And where the nearest underground station is? If so, then a GPS Guider is the answer. With ARKNAV's K-01 GPS Guider in your pocket you'll never be lost in an unfamiliar city or environment. K-01's simple, clear directions will take you straight your destination. ARKNAV's latest pocket GPS device is dedicated to pedestrian navigation. K-01 is a personalized "electronic compass" that not only points you at your chosen destination, it also allows users to mark specific locations, such as a tent in a camp site, an entrance to a large shopping mall or theme park to find your way back to the marked point. The applications are endless; imagine...

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