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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    construction & building materials- solid vinyl ( emboss) wall-coverings ( wall coverings, wallcoverings), fire resistance (flameproof) vinyl wallpapers ( wall papers), wallpaper borders, wallpaper antique print, ideco ( flocked) wallpapers, Nonwoven ( non woven, non-woven) base paper for wallpapers, wallpaper flocking, suede wallpapers, vinyl wallcovering ( wall covering).
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Taiwan Nonwoven Manufacturers, Sheng Hung Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the Nonwoven Manufacturer and has ISO9001:2000 certified, such as our Elastic Non Woven Fabrics, Food Grade Non Woven Fabrics products, etc. Our main goal is to meet or exceed out customers expectations through quality design, competitive price, accurate scheduling, prompt delivery and reliable service of our end product. We truly appreciate very much a strong support from our customers all over the world and are looking forward to doing business with you in the near future based on our mutual interests. We insists that every product meets the most stringent quality requirements and is dedicated to obtaining 100% customer satisfaction through best service.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Tai Line Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1970. We manufacture Nonwoven and supplies customers worldwide. "Customer Always Comes First" – This is the motto that we have been holding. We focus on every customer needs, such as high quality, unique, reasonable price, and good service. We have confidence in our product and service. Customer designs and OEM/ODM orders are also welcome. We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with your company. We hope to hear from you very soon.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Founded in 1993, Gelintex Industrial Co., LTD is a Taiwan's leading supplier of circular knit fabrics, such as Polyester fabrics, Nylon fabrics, Spandex textiles, Viscose, Nonwoven and the latest synthetically developed fancy yarns. As one of the world's most innovative circular knit pioneers, we continually develop cost-down fabrics in excellent quality for all customers. Our dedicated technicians have developed the most fashionable fabrics and trendy designs to meet customers' needs. In fact, we've always caught the market demands and earned a 100% satisfactory reputation domestically and overseas from customers all over the world. Our customers are assured of honest and dependable services, including punctual delivery. If you are looking for a reliable Nonwoven supplier, please contact us...
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    textile fabrics spplies ( supply)- synthetic linings, melted ( melt, melting) Nonwoven, non woven fabrics, thermal embossed non-woven fabric for shoe lining, synthetic fabric, anti-static ( antistatic, anti static), anti-fungal ( anti fungal) & water repellent fabric, novelty fabric, designers ( designs, designeds, designings) fabrics, kimbrella, fabrics wholesaler.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional Nonwoven Manufacturer since 1979. Lealea has reasonable price and best quality, providing the highest quality is the company's main goal. Our philosophy has always been to strive for a balance between bold innovation and constant improvement-between fluid adaptability and utmost concentration on details. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and customer service and welcome new challenges. If you are interest our products, contact us, we will offer you the best price and superior high quality. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future. For your better understanding of Lealea Nonwoven Manufacturers, please pay a visit on this website.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    textile & fabrics- (1) Nonwoven fabrics- urethane & vinyl aprons, PE & EVA coated coveralls, SPP coveralls, rain cat ( raincat) & SMS coveralls, spunlace & breathable coveralls, isolation gowns, laboratory coats, poultry smocks, scrub suits, bouffant caps, bouffant face masks, beard covers, PE coated shoe covers, non skid ( nonskid) shoes, latex nuke & heavy PE disposable booties, polyethylene & polylatex shoe covers, breathable & Nonwoven sleeve covers, PE sleeves, shopping & cooler bags, PP Nonwoven cloth, fashionable shopping & storage bags, suit covers. (2) lamination products- PE laminating papers, Nonwoven breathable films, breathable Nonwoven lamination fabrics. (3) polypropylene spunbonded Nonwoven fabrics.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Kae Hwa was founded in 1961. We are the first manufacturer of Nonwoven in Taiwan. We have achieved excellent performance as a reliable supplier of quality products. We produce chemical raw materials, such as benzoic acid, sodium silicate, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, and etc. Besides, we also developed laminated fabrics and Breathable film. Our products are very unique and meet the trend of the market. We are very confident that our high-quality, competitive-price products can assist you.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    industrial ( industry) textile supply ( supplies)- thermo bond nono waven, air through non waven, hydrophilic non woven, durable hydrophilic Nonwoven ( non-woven).
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Founded in 1987, WuDa Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who has more 20 years experience to make and sell all kinds of plastic packing material. Specialize in a wild range of LDPE clot & sheets, LDPE bags, Nonwoven, LDPE films, green house cover and three layers films components. We keep continue to research and improve our products quality, working efficiency, for meet customers requirements. Meantime, we also use accurate equipments for testing and control quality, and avoid bad quality products happened. Wish we can supply our professional techniques and services to local and global first class company. If you look for the reliable and professional partner, please call or e-mail us for further contact.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Dong Yu Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the Nonwoven Manufacturer. Excellent Quality, Best Service, Profession, and Sincerity are the positive feedbacks earned from our clients. They help us to blend the positive images in the market for all of our products ranges and furthermore, they are always our promises to all of our worldwide clients. We will provide clients with the highest performance and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better Nonwoven Supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end. Dong Yu is your best choice.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    CS Machinery Co., Ltd. had developed its machinery into two different plastics package industry categories, such as PP/HDPE woven bag machine, Nonwoven, plastic sheet or plate extrusion line, circular loom, plastic bag making machine, flexo printing machines, paper bag & cutting machines, plastic extrusion machine, woven fabric machine, etc. Moreover, we have developed and sold machines that are earth friendly to save energy, lower the cost and meet the requirements in the market. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for packaging a great variety of goods with high-speed, stability and guaranteed excellent performance, CS machines is designed and fabricated to ensure high productivity while maintaining uniform thickness/ quality for today’s industry. CE Certificate No: EZ/2008/B0005C....
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Wealthy Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to creating and meeting customer's demands and carry on the development of technology based on environmental protection. Combined our application experience of woven, Nonwoven, nonwoven, film and paper, disposables filter medias, carbon filters, hot melt glues and cabin filters, we offer customer multifunction products and service of application designs. We assist the customer in manufacturing diversity and develop key factor of products that make you innovation and continuous growth. Besides with our strict management and serious working attitude all these will convince you to have a strong confidence with our products. Quality first at competitive price, punctual delivery and sincere service make us obtain prestigious reputation worldwide.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    San Shang Technology Company is a Nonwoven Manufacturer with professional technique and capability on designing and manufacturing Nonwoven Fabrics products. We are full of flexibility on manufacturing and possesses capability of integration to handle with multiple transactions and small quantity orders of different application. We always insist and emphasis on the principles of service, quality, innovation and business continuity and keep optimum status to provide the best service to our clients. Any inquiry or phone call is welcomed all the time. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to have a long term business relationship with any of our customers. Just visit on our showeroom for more information.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Super Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. manufacture machinery equipments & tools, including ultrasonic plastic welding M/C, Nonwoven, nonwoven automatic machine, hot air seam sealing machine, and all kind of welding machine. The beginning of Super Ultrasonic dates back to 1992 year in Taiwan. We are committed to providing our worldwide customers with the best solutions, products, and work processes. Ultrasonic can be used on Plastic, Nonwoven, Packaging, Textile, Stationery and so on. Super Ultrasonic do the continuous development and improvement of our products, service, and procedures base on market demands and customer needs. Hope Super Ultrasonic can have the pleasure to provide our services to you. Welcome to contact us for more information. Looking forward to your further enquiry!
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Zheng Hong Shoes Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1988. Our company specialized in R&D, manufacture and trade of various insole, Nonwoven, non-woven for clothes and bags, chemical sheet and so on. We have got ISO9001.2002 certificate and strictly execute the ISO quality control system. At present, we possess technical and administrative staff, who are in charge of R&D, technique improvement, quality control to enable us to manufacture healthy, safety and environment friendly products to meet market and clients’ needs. Our products have been supplied to shoes factories, clothes factories, bag factories national wide for accessories use and have been supplied to Europe, Middle East, Southeast of Asia. We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us and we do our effort to meet all your needs.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    As a Nonwoven provider, Kingdom Fabrics was established in 1988. With over 22 years experience, we specialize in the design, production & sales of plain woven to provide materials for bags, shoes, and clothing. Plain woven materials are mostly nylon, polyester, and N/T mixed woven. Our products mainly sold to companies located in Hong Kong, China, Central and South America. Our Nonwoven products have been cooperated in development with major European and American brand designers for a long term. From clothing material designs to physical strength requirements, we combine consumer demands for fashion terminals. In recent years, due to awareness of environmental issue of the limited Earth's resources, we are engaged in developing ECO-friendly fabric. For more information, please contact us anytime....

Products Catalog

  • Recycle Non wovens Fabrics (Felt Fiber)
    1. Description: recycling, environmental protection, regeneration, multi-purpose. 2. Application: bedding, vehicle decoration, sound absorb, heat insulation, civil engineering, keep warmth, liner, shoes material, sports equipment. 3. Other feature: flame retardant, heat malleability forming.
  • Polyester Non Woven Fabrics
    1. Description: clean, environmental protection, multi-purpose. 2. Application: bedding, vehicle decoration, sound absorb, heat insulation, filter, civil engineering, keep warmth, liner, ready-made garment, shoes material, sports equipment. 3. Other feature: anti-beteria, anti-germ, far infar ray (FIR), bamboo, anion, burn-resistance, shaping, malleability forming.
  • E Tex Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabrics
    Manufactured using special fibers, E-Tex is non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and non-pollutant when dissolved. E-Tex is manufactured in environment-friendly process from raw materials to the finished product. The different grades of E-Tex water-soluble non-woven, S9, S7, S6, and S4, may be dissolved in water at high, medium, and room temperatures to satisfy your every need.
  • Disposable Spunlace Nonwoven Fabrics
    Pure Spunlace Non-woven is an environmental product. Without additional chemical, Spunlace non-woven is done by high pressure water entanglement to form all the web. For specific application, different chemical materials are allowed to add into the making process to match various functional needs, such as : fire prevention, antibacterial, filtration, cleaning wipe, static electricity resist and industrial usage.
  • Nonwoven Fabric Interlinings
    The non-woven fabric interlining are cotton fleece made from man-made fibers using machines, combed cotton, and air currents, and bonded together using chemicals. After processing, the non-woven fabric interlining can be used in a variety of consumer items and industrial products.
  • Food Grade Non Woven Fabrics
    The non-woven fabric interlining are cotton fleece made from man-made fibers using machines, combed cotton, and air currents, and bonded together using chemicals. After processing, the non-woven fabric interlining can be used in a variety of consumer items and industrial products.
  • Nonwoven Artificial Leathers And Needle Punched Felt Fabrics
    Non-woven artificial leather uses special punching methods to increase the density of fiber sheets. After setting at high temperatures, washing, and drying, a solid and strong material, called the non-woven needle punched felt, is formed.
  • Non Woven Fiber Fabrics
    We can supply the non woven fiber fabric or felt for filtration application. They can be for air filtration, water filtration. Another application is for packing and storage application for the small plants.
  • Elastic Non Woven Fabrics
    Pure spunlace Non-woven is an environmental product. Without additional chemical, Spunlace Non-woven is done by high pressure water entanglement to form all the web. For specific application, different chemical materials are allowed to add into the making process to match various functional needs, such as : fire prevention, antibacterial, filtration, cleaning wipe, static electricity resist and industrial usage.

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