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    Beauty Emblem Inc. is one of the leading Embroidery Manufacturers and Suppliers in Taiwan. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of Embroidery Supplies, including patch, badge, Embroidery insignia, custom Embroidery supplies, etc. With decade of combined experience, we provide thousands of patterns and templates to meet the highest standard of customer satisfactions. Superior quality, innovative design and attentive customer service are why customers turn to us. The Embroidery supplies are wide applied to sports shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirt, caps, bags, fleece, jackets, trousers, towelling, childwear, etc. Beauty Emblems is your most reliable Embroidery Manufacturer in Taiwan.
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    Since 1983, Dah Jeng Embroidery Inc. is one of the Key Chains Manufacturer, such as Embroidery Key Chains, Metal Keychains, etc. We service for quality, reliability, technical excellence. With the very latest machinery, a skilled and flexible workforce and the constant upgrading of our technicality, we are confident in our ability to satisfy the most demanding customer. The fulfilment of our customers' requirement is the standard of our work. That is why the high quality of our products and deliveries on schedule are very important to us. Hope to receive precious ideas and suggestions from domestic and overseas' friends. Let us create good achievements in this hot spot and go out for a nice tomorrow together.

Golden Suppliers

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    DAH HEER INDUSTRIAL, established in 1976, Specialises in Research, Designing, Manufacturing and Sales of High Quality Crochet Machines. Creativity, Quality & Service are our GOALS. All our employees positively combine their knowledge and efforts, making it possible for DAH HEER to produce and sell Crochet machines and Embroidery product for today customers looking for versality in large fields of application. Our machines pass a very rigorous inspection of both assembly and perfect functioning before leaving our facilities. We adhere to our managements philosophy to upgrade our Embroidery products to help our customers to keep at the top of the market requirements and possibilities.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Yi Chun Textile Ltd. established in 1977. We manufacture high quality nylon, polyester and synthetic leather fabrics, Embroidery for luggage and bags. New textiles include dual colors and shiny metallic, that are stretchable and lightweight. They are popular for sporting goods and fashions and offer brilliant surface treatments and color selection. We servicing clientele around the globe, we are offering textiles to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who demand expert production and economical prices. We have our own weaving, dying and PU coating factories. In order to provide you with expertly manufactured textiles, we've added a series of weaving machines imported from Japan.

Products Catalog

  • Loop Embroideries
    Our specialized Embroidery services include computer Embroidery, loop Embroidery ( chenille Embroidery), chain Embroidery, sequin Embroidery, socks Embroidery, patches embroiderey, badges embroiderey, cap piece Embroidery, cutting piece Embroidery, and fabrics Embroidery. The unique large-sized (150 x 48 cm) Embroidery machine can mixed-embroider with loop Embroidery, chain Embroidery, sequin Embroidery, and all-in-one Embroidery without any mark.
  • Embroidery Fabrics
    Product purpose: for lady dress.
  • Custom Embroidered Fabrics
    1. Developed a professional design. 2. New fantastic artworks. 3. Quality guarantee. 4. customizing according to clients’ requests.
  • Embroidery Design
    We do the custom Embroidery patch, embroidered applique, epaulette for military, garment, uniforms, industry, police, fire departments, sports, scouts....
  • Standing Tape Embroideries
    Standing tape Embroidery uses many kinds of ribbons or tapes on patterns, this kind of Embroidery can be used in varied kind of textile products.
  • Embroidery Applique
    We do the custom Embroidery patch, embroidered applique, epaulette for military, garment, uniforms, industry, police, fire departments, sports, scouts.
  • Fabric Embroideries
    Yard goods, use different kinds of yarns and stitch ways to present different styles of patterns, mostly used in furnishing products.

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