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    Established in 1993, Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of yarn such as elastic covering yarn, scarf, conventional covering yarn, single/ double covered yarn, core twisted yarn, compound yarn, nylon PA 6 (PA 6.6), metallic covered yarns, bamboo charcoal yarns, NANO sliver fibres, recycling yarns, etc. Maw Chawg yarns are widely used in the productions of woof and chain, ex: elastic narrow, lingerie, swimwear, socks, and many kind of fabric etc, the capacity on all production lines can be easily adjusted to meet customer requests. Maw Chawg team is devoted to bring full services by utilizing production line effectively to satisfy customers' needs. Our corporate philosophy is to provide customers the best services and qualified products.

Standard Suppliers

  • Yantai Longyu Trade Co., Ltd.

    From 2003, we are mainly specialized in exporting all kinds of knitting machine, gloves making equipments, knitting needles ( including circular needles, flat needles...), sewing needles and knitting machine spare parts. We promise that we can offer high quality products and best service for all our buyers & partners. We hope sincerely that we can establish a long term business relationship in future. Please feel free to visit our website & contact with us for more sewing machines information.

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  • Shandong Mingyuan Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Mingyuan Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiary companies of Mingyuan group. We are a professional exporter of pharmaceuticals, finished medicines, daily chemicals, drinks, beverages and canned foodstuff in china since 2000. Now we have developed new items like daily products and green vegetables for supermarket sales. Over 1.35 km2 farmland is utilized for organic planting ( OFDC). We have achieved the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and export credit ranking of grade AAA from China Foreign Economics and Trades Enterprises Association in 2005. We welcome your further visit to our website for searching the items you are interested in. We are still very young, but honesty and trust help us achieve more and more customers and orders everyday, and achieve...

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  • Nanjing New Climate Tour Ware Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1995, Nanjing New Climate Tour Ware Co. Ltd. has become a leading supplier in China’s main apparel production base of Jiangsu Province. We have many experiences to do business with world famous companies. As a professional garment manufacturer, we are producing hats, caps, scarves, gloves, socks, jackets, and various other garment accessories. It is colder in winter and hotter in summer. So your business depends on “Climate”. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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  • Shanghai Weijun International Trading Inc.

    Manufacturer of sock manufacturers, socks, hats, baby items, health and beauty aids, mobile phone accessories, pet items, scarf sets, ornament items, wedding items, belts.

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  • Hebei Daying Tianli Fur PP.

    Tian Li fur is mainly processing rabbit hair scarf volleyball, volleyball three rabbit hair scarf, shawl rabbit hair four volleyball, volleyball rabbit hair scarf six, eight volleyball rabbit hair scarf, shawl trapezoidal rabbit, rabbit hair is Paper( trapezoidal) scarves, rabbit hair ball supplies, such as rabbit hair shawls.

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  • Huzhou L&Y Manufacture And Trade Co., Ltd.

    Huzhou L&Y Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader of scarves, household textiles, garments, bags and knitted items.

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  • Huaian Jin Wang Scarves Co., Ltd.

    Huaian Jin Wang scarves Co., Ltd 's main products are various of scarfs which include cashme-re, wool, acrylon, chenille face cloth, scares for western-style clothes and cape etc. Products have sold to over 40 countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia etc.

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  • Kunpeng Fashion Co., Ltd.

    We are professional manufacturer of scarfs, hats, wallets, sunglasses, watchs, belts, caps, bags.

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  • Inner Mongolia Fudong Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

    Inner Mongolia Fudong cashmere products exports products of scarfs, pure cashmere,cashmere blended worsted and woolen products, such as cashmere yarn or cashmere blended with cotton/silk /wool and etc.Most of products are exported to European country/ America/ Japan/ Korea/ Chinese H.K. and Taiwan province.

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  • Trisol Trading Co., Ltd.

    Trisol Trading Co., Ltd 's main products are scarfs, home texitle, home decorations, DIY products, home art gifts.

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  • Shanghai Pantex Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Pantex Co., Ltd's main products are scarfs, women's wear, men's wear, children's clothes, infants suit. And their products are sold to many countries and regions like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, America, Canada, and so on.

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  • Great Wall Sourcing Co., Ltd.

    Great Wall Sourcing Co., Ltd's main products are scarfs, sweaters, cardigan, gloves, socks and specializing in knitwear and cashmere products.

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  • Suzhou Peng Sheng Textile Trade Company

    Suzhou Peng Sheng Textile Trade Company's main products are various scarf and garments, including silk, velour, cotton, flax and fiber etc. Products are sold to the US, UK, Canada, Japan and Korea etc, more than twenty countries in total.

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  • Yangzhong Scarf Factory.

    Yangzhong scarf Factory's main products are scarfs, such as square, cashmere imitation series, silk-mixed woolen, shawl, westeren-style clothes scarf. The products are exported to tens countries and regions, such us Europe and America, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East.

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