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    With thirteen years experience in this field, Jun-Hon Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing the battery-operated children's car, Baby, pedal toy cars, foot step cars, ride-on kids' toy cars, motorized toy cars, child cars, electric toy cars, etc. Also, we continuously update our design to suit market requirements. Advanced techniques and developed design are always our targets. By means of continuously improving manufacturing technology and the strict quality demands to products, we gain reputation around the world for sales promotion and collective strength. The business strategy of Jun-Hon is to manufacture high-quality items and focus on customer services, being cooperative, punctual and efficient. Jun-Hon is pleased to offer you competitive prices and superior quality.

Products Catalog

  • Conventional Breast Pumps
    Helps the postpartum mothers with excess breast milk release, and relieves the discomfort caused by breast swelling.
  • Children Nursing Beds(Bed Furnitures)
    1. Funcation: (1) Backboard can ascend 80 degree and footboard can ascend 40 degree. (2) Ascending and descending scope of bed surface: 325 cm. 2. Fittings: (1) One set of grating guardrail. (2) One piece of two-section drop frame. (3) One set of 5" brake wheel of dust-proof shield. 3. Explanation: (1) The design concept of children medical bed mainly focuses on the safety of victims, operational demands and convenience of nursing personnel. (2) Grating guardrails are equipped on the both sides of bed, which are 60cm in height and can prevent children from climbing or falling while turning over. And the increasing and decreasing switch of guardrail is safe switch, which can prevent children from danger while playing and turning on. The whole bed is equipped with ducts with rounded...
  • Feeding Bottles
    Products wholly-made with Zeomic Silver Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent introduced from Japan, with over 90% of Antimicrobe effectiveness. May effectively restrain germs from propagating on bottles and nipples, ensures Baby’s health. Bottle are made of food grade material complied with FDA., introducing non-toxic ink for safety use. Enclosed with Antimicrobial cross-cut standard silicone nipple.
  • Baby Food Processers
    Baby food processer allows parents to processe the fruits or foods by squeezing, grating, filtering as well as mashing, to provide the 4 months above babies more nutrition other than milk.
  • Silicone Breast Feeding Nipple Protectors
    The breast-feeding protector may protect mothers' nipples and prevent the symptoms of nipple irritation and injury which are caused by babies' overpowered sucking strength or unintentional biting.

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