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    We have over 20 years work experiences in metal gifts and hardware. Since 1995, we have built a trading department specializing in export marketing. Specialize in custom - made items & designs. Our products include Game Machine, hardware, hand tools & metal products, household & pet products, gifts, stationery, etc. Prices depend on designs, packing and order volume. OEM orders and buyer's design logo packing requirements are accepted. We are confident that we can provide professional services ensuring punctuality at reasonable prices. Strict standards of quality control are applied throughout production and inspection before every shipment. Our finance condition & industrial reputation are excellent. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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    3G International Ltd. has its facilities in China. Our excellent engineers have accumulated abundant experience; is our competitive edge. We devoted ourselves to provide good quality products for our customers. Our products, which include graphic overlay, FPC, membrane switches, Game Machine, silicon rubber keypads, touch panel, and FPC. These components are applied to medical, dental, and electronics industry equipments. All of material of our products coheres with ROHS. We expect to create a win-win profit between customers and 3G International Ltd. This is the only faith in making us become one of the best designer and supplier in the industry technology field.
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    Founded in 1975, Shin Long Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and delivering casting products such as aluminum casting parts, Game Machine, gravity die casting, zinc casting, auto parts and components, air compressor, and so on. We are a company seeking to offer top Quality and service in the market. In the past year we were proven by our numerous customers with award for the best supplier in Quality, performances and improvement. In 1994 we were awarded ISO 9002 and QS 9000 in 1996. We were awarded ISO 9001:2000 version in 2004. In 1994 we were awarded ISO 9002 and QS 9000 in 1996. We were awarded ISO 9001:2000 version in 2004. Welcome to visit our website for more details. We are honored to receive you requests.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
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    Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd. has been specializing in speaker since its establishment in 1988. With more than 20 years of manufacturing and testing experience, our strong R&D team is always developing the best products to meet all customers’ requests. Our products including Game Machine, miniature speaker, super thin speaker, mid-range speaker, hi-fi speaker, car speaker, PA speaker, mylar speaker, etc. And we promise that we will be strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Our group has been working in the market of precision sheet metal, laser incision and process since 1990. In 2003, New Sun Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is established. The manufacture and development of casino metal slot machines is our main focus product. We are with over 5 years of professionalism and manufacturer of ODM/OEM capability in Taiwan. As we are the direct manufacturer of metal slot machines, Game Machine, arcade Machine, carnival Machine and related spare parts, you are guaranteed of the most competitive prices with excellent quality and best service every time you purchase products from us. For more information about any of our series, or to place your requirement, please feel free to contact us directly.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Established in 1997, Funway Electronics Co., Ltd. is socializing in various kinds of Game machines including Game Machine, crane Machine, claw machines, basketball machines, pinball machines, slot machines, sport Game machines and so on. Over decade experiences, we have obtained outstanding reputation for our high quality, professional design and fashionable products. We take customers first and best services continuously, the innovation and reform as objectives. We believe this is the best way to keep all of us moving forward to face the challenging Game Machine business world of today and the future! If you have any question, please call us or send an e-mail. We will be very glad to hear from you and reply to you soon.

Products Catalog

  • Crane Game Machines ( Magic Boxes)
    1. Big prize storage. 2. Sttracting running lights. 3. Error code on diaplay for easy repair. 4. Electronic coin comparator. 5. Coin / prize counters. 6. Supercard.(optional) 7. Agitator function.(optional). 8. New type structure for DIY assemble. 9. Controlling card and PC board are smart system.
  • Crazy Shoot II (Links)
    1. Dimension: W100 x L240 x H240 CM. 2. Voltage: 110V / 220V.
  • Slim Metal Game Machine Cabinets
    1. 17"/19" TFT LCD screen. 2. Coin mechanism hopper ready. 3. Custom-made button layout and wiring. 4. Bill acceptor ready(option). 5. Custom-made name& LED light (option). 6. External stereo speakers (option).
  • Game PCBs
    Super treasure island.
  • Round Top Double Screen Game Machines
    1. Double screen with two TFT LCD (top:17"lcd ). 2. Coin mechanism. 3. Hopper ready. 4. Cstom-made button layout and wiring. 5. Bill acceptor ready(option). 6. Touch panel ready on lower screen (option). 7. High quality crome plated painting technology.
  • Video Game Arcade Machines
    1. Hard disk installed, strong recoil. 2. Low cost and high yield. 3. Interesting and exciting programs available.
  • Crane Game Machines ( Magic Boxes)
    1. Big prize storage. 2. Sttracting running lights. 3. Error code on diaplay for easy repair. 4. Electronic coin comparator. 5. Coin / prize counters. 6. Supercard (optional). 7. Agitator function (optional). 8. New type structure for DIY assemble. 9. Controlling card and PC board are smart system.
  • Pinball Machines ( Colorful Dragon Balls)
    The Machine has 16 slots. The player gets 16 balls per Game. 1. 3 bingo lines— 2 times multiplied. 2. 4 bingo lines—3 times multiplied. 3. 5 bingo lines—5 times multiplied. 4. 6 bingo lines—8 times multiplied. 5. 7 bingo lines—12 times multiplied. 6. 8 bingo lines—16 times multiplied. 7. Up to 5 lines, a X line—3 times multiplied.
  • Metal Slot Full Machines
    1. Low cost and high yield. 2. Interesting and exciting programs available. 3. The machines have unbelievable functions and controls.
  • Hockey 2000
    Equipments of hockey 2000: 1. Two coin selectors. 2. Two START button. 3. 4 hammers + 6 pucks. 4. Attractive & colorful LED light around the table. 5. Big display for playing instructions. 6. Special sound effect & very bright in shape. 7. Black & red ABS plastic panels for exterior. 8. Plywood interior structure. 9. Ticket dispenser for option.

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