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    various precision machine parts and components, CNC precision milling machines ( machinery), lathe machines, compound machinery, precision electronic parts and components, optics instrument parts, medical equipment parts, semiconducting equipments and parts, food machinery parts, sports ( sporting) goods & parts, aluminum chassis (for inline roller skates), electric & air tooling parts, precision press working, skating shoes, Paintball guns, automobile ( cars, vehicles, automotive ) & motorbikes ( motorcycles ) parts, aftermarket automobile parts, custom-made car parts, sewing machine parts, magnetic head, hard casing products, computer peripheral parts, pneumatic tool ( tooling) parts, etc.
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    (1) toy guns, rifles- MP5, M4, M16, electrical scales & rifles, spring rifles. (2) pistons- KWA & WA blowback guns, MARUI & MARUZEN guns, airsoft ( air soft) spring pistons, air soft guns. (3) real action- Paintball guns, RAM action Paintball guns. (4) Gun accessories- tactical retractable stocks, stock & oversize pistol heads, tactical retractable stock flip up rear sight, A3 handguards, M3 outer barrel sets, special upper gear box A & B & C & D & E & I, piston heads, M16 & MP5 MAG clamps, 230 count metal magazines, M16 hollow magazine shells, M4 & M16 detachable carry handles, tactical retractable stocks, ready magazine systems, AN & PEQ 2 battery boxes, rail interface system, SD tactical handguard sets, buttstocks, fixed & retractable stocks, early stage & modern lower housings, reinforcement...
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    Air Challenger Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Paintball Mask in Taiwan. For many years, Air Challenger has marketed a range of products designed to fully meet our customer' requirements, we always focus on the customer's expectations as our top priority. Air Challenger has established well know reputation resulting from the consistent policy of high efficient, require low maintenance, have durable finishes and are friendly toe the environment. As a supplier in the Paintball Masks market with great commercial reputation, we are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Paintball Gun Manufacturer - Dah Yuan Iron Works has been manufacturing precision-engineered Paintball guns for over 12 years. To meet the stringent quality requirements and production specifications that military hardware demands, we use only high-precision CNC equipment from Japan to manufacture our Paintball Gun. Our Paintball guns also feature numerous non-military features like lightweight and ergonomic designs, easy-grip handles and interchangeable barrels. Our Paintball guns are available for your OEM/ODM customizations. Just tell us what you need and our staff of engineers will have your samples delivered in less than 30 days. As a professional Paintball Guns Manufacturer, we provide our customers with high quality products, competitive prices and timely deliveries.

Products Catalog

  • Electronic Spool Type Paintball Markers
    1. Aluminum frame with 3D plastic shells. 2. Multi-mode electronic, including 22 BPS semi-auto, PSP ramping, NXL ramping, 3-shot burst. 3. Trigger de-bounce adjustable. 4. High volume fore grip in line air regulator. 5. Dual beam break eyes. 6. Adjustable trigger. 7. Dual ball detens. 8. Vertical feed. 9. 12" barrel (cocker threads). 10. Low 180 psi operation pressure.
  • Mechanical Blow Back Type Paintball Markers
    1. Plastic trigger frame with push bottom safety. 2. Bottomlin setup with fore grip. 3. Rear cocking. 4. All new style ball detent. 5. Quick disconnect pin. 6. Velocity adjuster. 7. Vertical feed. 8. Aluminum body with anodizing available. 9. Double trigger. 10. Low pressure chamber.
  • Electronic Spool Valve Type Paintball Markers
    1. Open bolt accuracy. 2. Up to 25 shots per second with semi-auto and full auto firing modes. 3. Ramping 15 shots per second. 4. Aluminum LCD trigger frame with shot counter, timer, safety and more. 5. Ergonomically designed fore grip low pressure chamber. 6. Bottomline setup with inline built in regulator. 7. All new style ball detent. 8. Dual beam break eyes. 9. Custom vertical clamp feed port. 10. Custom 3D milling aluminum body with anodizing available. 11. Adjustable double trigger.

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