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    • hard metal bushings, carbide bushings, extrusion dies

    Precision Extrusion Dies Hard Metal Bushings

    Mar. 28, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : JLS Precision specializes in carbide wire drawing dies, carbide bushings, steel & carbide soldered bushings & punches with tight tolerance and perfect surface finish. We understand 100% accuracy, outstanding service, and rapid delivery save our ...

    • sink roll arm, stabilizer roll arm, zinc pot equipment

    zinc pot arm

    Mar. 24, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Material:Wear-resisting, heat-resisting and corrosion-resisting alloy steel. 316L Process:static casting,Sand casting Specification: According to drawing and requirement Other products: We also can supply stabilizer roll, sink roll, ...

    • stabilizer roll, correct roll, zinc pot roll equipment

    stabilizer roll for zinc pot

    Mar. 24, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Product name:Stabilizer roll. Material:316L/CF-3M, Process:Centrifugal casting Sink roll body, static casting Cone. SpecificationOD100-300mm, according to drawings. Standard:ANSI, ASTM, ASME, DIN, GB. Application:CGL (Continuous hot dip ...

    • sink roll bush, arm sleeve, stabilizer roll bush

    Bush and sleeve

    Mar. 24, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Bush and sleeve for sink roll, stabilizer roll, arm,etc. Method:centrifugal/spun casting then machining to required size. Material: stellite 6, 316L, corrosion resistant material, or our internal material specially developed and researched for ...

    • heat resistant tube, centrifugal casting radiant tube, China radiant tube

    radiant tube used in furnace

    Mar. 24, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Applicaztion: 1. heat resistant alloy radiant tubes are mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgary, steel and heat resistant industries. 2. corrosion resistant alloy radiant tubes are used in pulp and paper, chemical and other ...

    • sink roll, sink roll with groove, sink roll for zinc pot, sink roll with cobalt tungsten

    corrosion resistant sink roll used in zinc pot

    Mar. 23, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Centrifugal casting sink roll used in CGL: Material: 316L, 317L, or 316L&317L added some tungsten and cobalt. Application: CGL (Continuous hot dip galvanizing line),Plating aluminizing line, Plating silicon line. Process:Centrifugal casting Sink ...

    • precision casting, investment casting, machinery parts

    JYG Casting Customizes Precision Casting Machinery Parts

    Mar. 20, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Shandong Jingyanggang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong JYG Precision Casting) has been specialized in precision investment casting for over ten years. So we have a production line for shell mold casting. We can make any products the customers ...

    • Lead Free Solder Wire Sn97Cu3,Lead Free Welding Wire Sn99.3Cu0.7,Lead Free Welding Wire Sn97Cu3

    Low Melting Point Spray Wire

    Mar. 11, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Introduce: Shaoxing TianLong Tin Materials co.,ltd.Is one of the units to draft the nation standards of lead free solder.With established the technique center of soft tin soldering engineering.Total have 22 authorized invention patents,8 ...

    • Lead Free Tin Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7,Lead Free Solder Materials,Lead Free Materials SnAgCu

    High quality lead free wire

    Mar. 11, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Product Introduce: The impurity of the lead free solder wire executed the standards of GB/T20472-2006,According to the requirements from the customers,the company can also executes the standards of QQ-S-571 Amendb and ASTM-A-32-83 of USA, ...

    • Lead Free Solder Wire,Excellent Pure Tin Wire Sn99.95%,SGS RoHS Pure Tin Wire

    Pure tin wire Sn99.95%

    Mar. 11, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Tin metal is an environment-friendly metal material, widely used in industry, production and life. Tianlong was located in shaoxing city,Vice chairman unit of china electronic materials industrial association and vice chairman unit of  ...

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