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    • RF Isolator, WR22, full bandwidth, waveguide isolator

    WR22 RF Waveguide Isolator 43~46GHz full bandwidth

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYWI1957A43T46 Frequency Range:43~46GHz Bandwidth: full Insertion Loss Max;0.4dB Isolation Min:18 dB VSWR:1.35 Power:80W/15W Connector Type: WR22(BJ400) Frequency range 5.4 to 110GHz. Military, space and commercial ...

    • RF Circulator, Surface Mount Circulator, high isolation, 0.2~3.6GHz

    RF Surface Mount Circulator 0.2~3.6GHz high isolation 100W

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYSC25A Frequency Range:0.2~3.6GHz Bandwidth:10% Insertion Loss Max:0.25dB Isolation Min:25dB VSWR:1.15 Forward Power:100W Reverse Power:100W Connector Type: SMT Dimension: 25.4*9mm Surface Mount circulator Frequency range ...

    • RF Isolator, Surface mount isolator, high isolation

    RF Surface Mount Isolator 1000~1200MHz high isolation

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYSI20A1000T1200 Frequency Range:1000~1200MHz Bandwidth:16% Insertion Loss Max:0.4dB Isolation Min:20dB VSWR:1.25 Power:60W/10W Connector Type: SMT Frequency range 200MHz to 15 GHz Military, space and commercial applications. ...

    • RF Filter, High Pass Filter, SMA Connector

    RF High Pass Filter Band 2.0~12.0GHz 30Watts SMA Connector

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYHPF3733A Pass Band:2.0~12.0GHz Insertion loss:1.0 dB VSWR:1.8 Rejection: 50dB DC-1.6GHz Power:30W Connector Type: SMA Dimension:37*33*12mm Frequency range 50 to 700MHz Military, space and commercial applications. Low ...

    • RF Circulator, Drop in Circulator, high isolation, TAB

    RF Drop in Circulator 0.6~5.0GHz with high Isolation TAB

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYDC1919A Frequency range:0.6~5.0GHz Bandwidth:30% Insertion Loss:0.3dB Isolation;23 dB VSWR:1.2 Forward power:100w Reverse power:100w Connector Type: TAB Dimension:19*19*8.6mm High RF performance, ultra-competitive price. ...

    • RF Filter, Band Pass, SMA Female

    RF Band Pass Filter 430~435MHz 100Watts SMA Female Connector

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYBPF125125A430T435F Pass Band:430~435MHz Insertion Loss (Max):0.5dB Return Loss (Min)::20dB Ripple Max(dB):0.2 Rejection:60dB DC~410MHz VSWR:1.8 Power:100W Connector Type: SMA-F

    • RF Filter

    RF VHF Band Pass Filter 130~700MHz 30Watts

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number: UIYBPF4825A Pass Band:130~700MHz Band width:50MHz Insertion loss:1.5dB VSWR:1.5 Rejection:40dB Fc 6.5MHz Power:30W Connector Type: BNC N SMA Dimension:48*25*20mm VHF Band Pass Filter Frequency range 50 to 700MHz Military, ...

    • RF Filter

    UHF RF Band Pass Filter 2000~2400MHz 20W N SMA Connector

    Apr. 25, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Model Number:UIYBPF11620A Pass Band:2000~2400MHz Bandwidth:200MHz Insertion loss:0.6dB VSWR:1.5 Rejection:40dB Fc 200MHz Power:20W Connector Type: N SMA UHF Band Pass Filter Dimension:116*20*35mm Frequency range 130-3000MHz, from 1MHz to ...

    • LED Display, LED Screen, Full Color LED Display, LED Display Screen, LED Sign, Outdoor LED Display

    P10 Red LED Display Advertising Sign Board

    Apr. 04, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : 1. We have the advantage of a full range of LED display production 2: Goods supply from indoor and outdoor P16, P10, P8, P6, P4, P3,P3.91, P4.81, P2, P2.5, P1.976 have sufficient inventory, at the same time has high quality, let you buy at ease, ...

    • ESD PI Release Film, ESD Polyimide Tape, Anti-Static Polyimide Film Tape

    esd polyimide tape

    Feb. 17, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : ESD Polyimide Film is polyimide film anti-static (ESD) treated, single coated with silicone adhesive. Used Protection of PCB gold finger contacts during the waving solder or hot air leveling process. And in applications where electrostatic ...

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