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    • Electromagnet heat sink

    hot selling best products Electromagnet heat sink

    Apr. 26, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Electromagnet heat sink material: AL 6063-T5, heat dissipation power, good effect.

    • Taian relay, TAKAMISAWA relay, Teledyne relay, TYCO relay, WAGO relay, Weidmuller relay

    Customize Various Brands of Relays

    Jun. 19, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : ... simple electromechanical switch made up of an electromagnet and a set of contacts. Relays are ... four parts in every relay: (1)Electromagnet, (2)Armature that can be attracted by the electromagnet, (3)Spring and (4)Set of electrical contacts. When ...

    • Magnechuck Overhead Crane,Electromagnetic Overhead Crane,Precise Positioning Magnechuck Crane

    Overhead Crane with Magnechuck

    May. 09, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : ... crane is the magnechuck. When the power current is turned on, the electromagnet disc holds the steel items firmly and lifts them to ... a core, a coil, a panel and a bracket. The electromagnet composed of the coil and the iron core is the main part ...

    • roboter manipulator

    Independent Manipulator

    May. 25, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : ... according to the size of the workpiece. 3. The material can be grabbed (single or combined) by vacuum chucks, electromagnets, vacuum jaws, etc. 4. The end is equipped with safety racks, sound, and light alarm devices and other related safety ...

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