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    • patient monitor

    PROMISE Manufacturer 6/multi-para patient monitor

    Jul. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : 1)Patented in-house design, elegant appearance 2)Steady 12.1 inch monitor, suitable for bedside and transferring 3)Simple user-friendly menu, preferable for both regular LCD and touchscreen 4)Unique one-key-switching for maximum 7 display ...

    • High frequency, cautery machine

    Excellent cautery machine electrosurgical unit for sale

    Jul. 14, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Main features: 1)Excellent monopolar cautery machine with smart&light design. 2)Max 4 working modes:Pure cut/blend cut/Standard coag/spray coag. 3)Return electrode monitoring system to avoid any burnt and damage for patient. 4)Clear working ...

    • Neocarzinostatin Library Construction

    Neocarzinostatin Library Construction

    Jul. 12, 2018 ( Origin : United States )

    Content : Creative Biolabs provides the custom neocarzinostatin library construction service by our innovative Hi-Affi platform. https://www.creative-biolabs.com/neocarzinostatin-library-construction.html

    • Opponent Body Bags For Dead Bodies,High Quality Body Bags,Thick Plastic Body Bag

    Body Bag Opponent with High Quality

    Jul. 06, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Body Bag Opponen   Most body bag have some form of carrying handles, usually webbing, at each corner and along the edges. In modern warfare, body bags have been used to contain the bodies of dead soldiers. ...

    • pcd cutters, belt pulley wheel

    pcd cutters for processing belt pulley wheel

    Jun. 27, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : pcd cutters for processing belt pulley wheel (1)Application:used for processing belt pulley wheel (2)We produce kinds of pcd tools as follows 1. Pcd external threading tools 2. Pcd Acrylic Window Bit 3. Pcd Reamer 4. Pcd Fine Boring ...

    • One Use Anaesthesia Tray,Disposable Surgical Tray,Equipment Kit For Anaesthesia

    Good Quality Spinal-Epidural anesthesia tray for hospital

    Jun. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Good Quality Spinal-Epidural anesthesia tray for hospital How to use  anesthesia tray:1, Check the packaging is intact or not, check the sterilization mark, check whether the sterilization is in the period, and then open ...

    • PVC Household Gloves,Disposable Vinyl Glove,Examination PVC Gloves

    examination disposable vinyl glove PVC gloves

    Jun. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Blue white PVC vinyl disposable gloves vinyl gloves   We are professional supplier of disposable vinyl gloves. There is high-class design and advanced equipment. Vinyl gloves offer a practical barrier of protection for a ...

    • Subcutaneous Infusion Set,Luer Lock Infusion Sets,Pediatric Infusion Set

    disposable luer lock butterfly infusion set

    Jun. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : IV infusion set         A sterile disposable medical consumable that is used primarily for intravenous fluids to establish a channel between a vein and a liquid. Generally consists of intravenous needles, caps, infusion ...

    • Surgical Suture,Absorbable Surgical Suture,Medical Disposable Suture

    Medical Disposable Absorbable Surgical Suture

    Jun. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Surgical suture in medical surgery for human tissue and ligation. It could be divided into Non-absorbable surgical sutures and Absorbable surgical sutures.   Absorbable surgical sutures include: 1 PGA: ...

    • Disposable Blood Lancet,Safety Blood Lancet,Soft Blood Lancet

    Blood lancet safety blood lancet

    Jun. 25, 2018 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The  blood lancet is used for blood glucose and other in diagnostic test. The blood Lancets are the fine needles used with a lancing device to draw a blood sample for glucose testing. It offers a complete range of needle sizes to ...

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