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    • pp fibc bulk bag, big bga, manufacture flexible bag

    pp fibc big bag

    Apr. 08, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : PP big bag, PP bulk bag, PP Jumbo bag, FIBC bag, Certificate: ISO9001-2000 , usa AIB food packaging certificate. different size,UV treated,low cost high safety, Welcome to alina at anthente dot net .

    • Polypropylene Woven Fabric, PP Woven Fabric, Woven Fabric, Made in Taiwan

    Polypropylene Woven Fabric Roll

    Mar. 22, 2021 ( Origin : Taiwan )

    Content : Widely known as PP woven fabric, Polypropylene Woven Fabric are commonly used for making packaging bags and barrier protection fabrics. Commodities like sugar, flour and animal feed requires moisture protection and PP woven fabric is an inexpensive ...

    • Machine Tray Sealer

    Manual Tray Sealing Machine Tray Sealer GD-A

    Mar. 19, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Main Features: 1.Stainless steel construction. 2.Tray mould fast replacement. 3.OMRON temperature control system. 4.Friendly and simple in operation for user. 5.Mould in customized dimension is available to be made according to your special ...

    • paper cups coffee cups

    paper cups

    Mar. 16, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : To produce disposable paper cups, we only use natural raw materials, certified for food contact, from reliable Chinese suppliers. Paper is produced only from the renewable forests. Printing inks have a low migration level and do not penetrate to ...

    • mailing bags, shipping bags, shipping bags for clothing, mailing bags custom logo, courier bag

    Mailing Bags Shipping Bags for Clothing

    Dec. 03, 2020 ( Origin : VietNam )

    Content : Mailing bags (courier bags or coextruded bags) are a good water resistant option for your mail instead of paper envelopes. Bags are solid grey and black inside, they are not translucent, and have a permanent tape that helps your mail to be secured ...

    • packaging machinery, vertical packing machine, coffee powder bag packaging machine

    coffee powder multi lanes stick pouch packing machine

    Nov. 02, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Coffee powder stick pouch packing machine Features: PLC control, man-machine interface, easy to operate and maintaince. Equiped with servo motor and optical tracking device to keep high accuracy. The frame of machine is made of 304# stainless ...

    • PP Bowl, Bowl, PP

    PP Bowl

    Oct. 29, 2020 ( Origin : Taiwan )

    Content : PP Bowl Specification: 19 oz / 24 oz / 34 oz / 48 oz Material: OPS(Lid) / PP(Bottom) Color: Lid: Clear Bottom: Red(Inside), Black(Outside)

    • Half Rib Container, Rib Container, PP, PP Half Rib Container

    Half Rib Container

    Oct. 29, 2020 ( Origin : Taiwan )

    Content : Half Rib Container Item Number: KP-100 Specification(mm): 261*174*45(Lid) / 260*176*43(Bottom) Material: OPS(Lid) / PP(Bottom) Package: 100 sets Color: Clear(Lid) / Black(Bottom)

    • Rotisserie Chicken Container, Chicken Container, PP, PP Rotisserie Chicken Container

    Rotisserie Chicken Container

    Oct. 29, 2020 ( Origin : Taiwan )

    Content : Rotisserie Chicken Container Item Number: KG-200 Specification(mm): 245*185*70(Lid) / 245*185*55(Bottom) Material: OPS(Lid) / PP(Bottom) Package: 100 sets Color: Clear(Lid) / Black(Bottom)

    • PS Bento Box, Bento Box, PS, PS Lunch Box, Lunch Box

    PS Bento Box

    Oct. 29, 2020 ( Origin : Taiwan )

    Content : PS Bento Box Specification: We have nine sizes. Material: OPS(Lid) / PS(Bottom) Color: Clear(Lid) / Black(Bottom)

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