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    • HPMC Capsule, Vegetable Capsule, Empty hard capsule

    HPMC Capsule

    Apr. 17, 2017 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The advantage of HPMC capsules - Low moisture content - Suitable for all types of products - Ideal for moisture sensitive, hygroscopic and liquid formulations - Suitable for vegetarians and vegetarian minded users. - Chemically stable and ...

    • spices, indian spice, chilli, sesame, turmeric, cumin, black paper

    all indian spices

    Apr. 09, 2017 ( Origin : India )

    Content : we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of all type spices and agricultural products, like as - red chilli , turmeric, coriander, anise, badian, cumin, caraway,fennel, ginger, fenugreek, dill, celery, ajwain, and like as all, and we ...

    • Needle Tips

    Needle Tips

    Apr. 03, 2017 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The internationally acclaimed work ethic and experience of our team members sustain an environment dedicated to both quality and socially responsible business. Our low overhead, raw material purchasing economies and partnership alliances make Vita ...

    • fos, food ingredient, bifidogenic factors, food additive, food, healthy food


    Mar. 29, 2017 ( Origin : Hong Kong )

    Content : Fructo-oligosaccharide(FOS) is a kind of probiotics hyperplasia that can't be digested and absorpted by human body,directly get to the large intestine and accelerate the proliferation agent of bifidobacterium. It's also known as the "bifidogenic ...

    • food ingredient, food additive, sweetness, prebiotic, healthy food, food


    Mar. 29, 2017 ( Origin : Hong Kong )

    Content : IMO (Isomalto-oligosaccharides) is one kind of prebiotic that is able to improve gastrointestinal health and body health, which is derived from refined starch.

    • non gmo lecithin, lecithin, sunflower, food ingredient, emulsifier

    sunflower lecithin

    Mar. 29, 2017 ( Origin : Hong Kong )

    Content : Sunflower lecithin has additional advantages such as very low odor and neutral taste, high phosphatidylcholine content, lower linolenic acid (= better stability) and high performance in its applications within the food, dietetic and pharmaceutical ...

    • soya lecithin liquid, emulsifier, stablizer, liquid lecithin, chemicals

    soybean lecithin liquid

    Mar. 29, 2017 ( Origin : Hong Kong )

    Content : Soy lecithin is a derivative of the beans of the soy plant during production of its oil. A number of people utilize soy lecithin in the form of a supplement owing to the substance's rich content of choline.

    • soya lecithin, lecithin, food additive, food ingredient, emulsifier

    soya lecithin

    Mar. 29, 2017 ( Origin : Hong Kong )

    Content : Lecithin covers a wide range of applications, from food, animal feeds, to many industrial applications. >Bread and Pastryware >Confectionery >Instant Products >Dietetics >Pharmacy >Cosmetics >Animal Nutrition >Techno-Chemical Application

    • granular sweet potato starch, granular starch, handmade sweet potato starch

    granular sweet potato starch, handmade sweet potato starch

    Feb. 27, 2017 ( Origin : China )

    Content : all handmade granular sweet potato starch, dry from the sun Our sweet potato starch are extracted by our own planted sweet potato material. Sweet potatos are cleaned, extracted and stired with modern equipment , and with the traditional water ...

    • handmade sweet potato vermicelli, handmade sweet potato noodles

    handmade sweet potato vermicelli

    Feb. 27, 2017 ( Origin : China )

    Content : all handmade, dry from the sun Our sweet potato vermicelli are made by our own high quality starch. Use dry sweet potato starch and water, to steam and make vermicelli after cooling. Our starch vermicelli also are dried by sun, non-machine ...

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