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    • Drinkable-grade yellow PAC

    Drinkable-grade yellow PAC

    Jan. 22, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Usages: The product is widely used for drinking water treatment

    • Drinkable-grade white PAC

    Drinkable-grade white PAC

    Jan. 22, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Usages: Mainly used for portable water, urban sewage purification;In food processing industry

    • Basic Green 4

    Basic Green 4 ( Malachite Green )

    Jan. 22, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Basic Green 4, also called Malachite green, is an organic compound used as dyestuff. Malachite green is a kind of basic dye traditionally used for dyeing materials such as silk, leather, and paper. Hebei Ruixin manufactures and supplies quality ...

    • Manganese removal resin, Ion exchange resin

    Manganese removal resin

    Jan. 19, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Manganese wastewater from industries such as textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, bleaching powder and film is very harmful. Higher manganese content in rinsing water will reduce the color of the product and affect the vividness of its color; ...

    • Acid-base wastewater treatment resin, ion exchange resin

    Acid-base wastewater treatment resin

    Jan. 19, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Acid-base wastewater is the most common type of wastewater treatment. Acidic wastewater mainly comes from iron and steel plants, chemical plants, dye plants, electroplating plants and mines. The treatment of wastewater should focus on the treatment ...

    • Boiler water softening resin, Ion exchange resin

    Boiler water softening resin

    Jan. 19, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : If the boiler uses unsoftened water for a long time, some solid deposits will be firmly attached to the heating surface on the water side of the boiler, that is, scaling. The thermal conductivity of scale is very poor, and its thermal conductivity ...

    • silica gel

    silica gel

    Jan. 18, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Fine-pored Silica Gel ( type A ) :: Characteristics :: transparent or translucent glass-like pellet or lump. :: Use :: Mainly used for drying and moistureproof, may also be used as catalyst carriers, absorbents, separators and variable-pressure ...

    • aerosol, spray, insecticide spray, mosquito spray, industrial cleaning, household clean

    aerosol spray oem manufacturer

    Jan. 12, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : LAYA is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise specializing in aerosol manufacturing, brand operations and R&D

    • Bromine-containing resin , ion exchange resin

    Bromine-containing wastewater treatment resin

    Jan. 12, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Bromine is one of the frequently used chemical raw materials. Bromate, inorganic bromide and bromine-containing organic compounds derived from bromine play an important role in industrial production. In the process of many bromination reactions, the ...

    • Nitrate removal resin

    Nitrate removal resin

    Jan. 12, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The main source of nitrate is the formation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, or nitrogen oxides formed under the high temperature of lightning dissolve in rainwater to form nitric acid, and then react with minerals on the ground to form nitrate. Nitrate ...

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