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    • Hair care


    Mar. 24, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Product parameters

    • Amygdalin, anti-tumor


    Dec. 12, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Amygdalin has the effect of anti-tumor , relieves cough and asthma, lowering blood sugar & blood lipids. It also has a cosmetic effect, which can promote skin microcirculation, make the skin ruddy luster, eliminate pigmentation,dark spots, thus ...

    • Chinese Herbal Shampoo

    Professional Anti-Hair Loss Hair Care

    Oct. 30, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : It is refined and made by selecting astragalus, eclipta, black sesame and other superior Chinese herbs, soaking and boiling into a professional anti-loss plant stock solution, and integrating modern biotechnology. Through shampooing process, it can ...

    • Natural Shampoo

    Hair Follicle Nourishing Hair Care Set

    Oct. 30, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Cleansing hair - deep cleansing balancing prewashing shampoo (no foam) In Chinese original hair prewashing concept, take the silicone-oil-free system with synthetic perfume and coloring agent as formula, and add the four essential oils of mint, ...

    • Chinese Herbal Shampoo

    Hair Raising Shampoo

    Oct. 30, 2019 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Product efficacy: This product takes the extracts of various plants such as platycladus orientalis leaves, fallopia multiflora, fresh ginger and paulownia leaves as stock solution, uses dynamic circulative extraction and concentration technology ...

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