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    • 25p Water Cooled Chiller,25p Professional Air Cool Chiller,Professional Industrial Air Chiller

    Professional air cooled water chiller industrial

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Air-cooled chillers are widely used in electronics, electroplating, food, machinery, chemical, laser, card making, medical and other industries. Because the source of its heat exchange is gas, it is equipped with a dedicated electric fan, so it is ...

    • 3 HP Air Cooled Cooler,Air Cooled Chiller Trance,Industrial Air Chillers Water Cooled

    3 HP industrial air cooled chillers

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Air chillers industrial water cooling: The start-up sequence of the chiller is: (must be strictly observed) the cooling tower fan is turned on-> the cooling water pump is turned on-> the cold water pump is turned on-> the chiller is turned ...

    • Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Free Cooling,Air Cooled Chiller Unit,Air Cooled Chiller Refrigeration Cycle

    air cooled water chiller compressor types

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The cold water in the evaporator of the air-cooled chiller should be circulated, otherwise it will stop due to the low temperature of the cold water, causing the cold water temperature protection device to operate, or because the evaporation ...

    • Air Cooled Chillers Industrial,Air Cooled Chiller Working,Air Cooled Chiller Free Cooling

    3 ton air cooled water chiller industrial

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Working range of air-cooled chiller Cooling air outlet temperature: 22-50 Cooling air temperature difference: 3.5-6.5 Cold water outlet temperature: 5-25 Chilled water ...

    • Pharmaceutical Industry Air Cooled Water Chiller,Best Selling Air Chilling System,Top Quality Air Cooled Chiller York

    Industrial cooling air chiller Pharmaceutical Industry

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Pharmaceutical Industry air cooled water chiller: The cooling of machine tool cutting tool coolant and the control of tool blade edge temperature will directly affect the application life and product quality of the tool. The pharmaceutical ...

    • Air Cooled Chiller Plastic Container,Air Cooled Chiller System,Air Cooled Water Chilling Effect

    Industrial air cooled water chiller plastic container

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Air cooled chiller plastic container:The consumption of plastic containers (blow bottles) and packaging films is inseparable from the freezer. If the plastic container cannot be cooled and shaped in time during the consumption process, the consumed ...

    • High Efficiency Air Cooled Chiller Plant,CE Approval 10HP Air Chiller,CE Approval Air Cooled Chiller Plant

    Vacuum plating industry air cooled water chiller

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : High efficiency air cooled chiller plant:The electroplating solution generates heat continuously during the electroplating reaction, which gradually lowers the temperature of the electroplating solution. When the temperature of the electroplating ...

    • CE Standard Air Water Chiller,Plastic Air Cooled Water Chiller,Plastic Industry Air Cooled Water Chiller

    Wholesale price plastic air cooled industrial water chiller

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Plastic industry air cooled water chiller: in the injection molding process of plastic products (TVs, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts, etc.), whether they can be ...

    • 10kw AIR COOLED MODULAR CHILLER,Top Quality Air Cooled Chiller Industrial,Air Cooled Water Scroll Chiller

    Air Cooled Water Chiller 380V 60Hz Low Temperature

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : CE approval air cooled water chiller industrial: Low-pressure protection is a protection device set to prevent the refrigeration system from operating under too low a pressure. Its setting is divided into high limit and low limit. Its control ...

    • CE Approval Air Chiller,High Efficiency Air Chiller System,Hot Selling Air Cooled Water Chiller

    CE certificate industrial air cooled water chiller

    May. 08, 2020 ( Origin : China )

    Content : The high and low pressure controllers of air-cooled chillers are used as protection devices in refrigeration systems. The high-pressure protection is the upper limit protection. When the high-pressure pressure reaches the set value, the high- ...

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