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    • Polyimide Fiber, Polyimide Yarn, Polyimide Fabric

    Polyimide Fiber,Polyimide Yarn

    Feb. 17, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Polyimide Fiber polyimide fiber products have good mechanical properties and excellent properties of high temperature resistance, flame retardant resistance, radiation resistance and decay resistance. No. Items Unit Index 1 Fineness dtex 1.5~5 ...

    • boat water filter, Marine water filter china, RV water filter china, yacht water filter

    Marine / RV water filter

    Jan. 05, 2022 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Water filter designed for boat, ship and RV, with UF membrane, granular activated carbon and mineral balls to eliminate bacteria, remove / reduce odor, taste and organic pollutants, and mineral balls to adjust pH and raise minerals for the distilled ...

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