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    • MDF powder spray gun, enamel powder coating gun, epoxy powder coating gun

    China powder coating factory

    Apr. 08, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Gelaier Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical marketing elite with electrostatic coating equipment technology and equipment, we have superior non-standard product design and development, production and processing capabilities, pre-sales and after- ...

    • silicone rubber

    silicone rubber heater Heating Element

    Mar. 19, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Silicone Heating Plates beneficial to take out liquid and coagulum from drums easily by heating, such as adhesive, oil, asphalt, paint, paraffin wax, oil and various resin raw materials in the drum. It can make viscosity of materials descending and ...

    • VPSA Oxygen Plant, VPSA O2 Plant, VPSA Oxygen Generation, Oxygen Generation, Oxygen Plant Supplier

    VPSA Industrial Oxygen Plant/Unit

    Feb. 24, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Production Capacity1,000-4,0000Nm3/h, equivalent to liquid oxygen of about 34 TPD - 1,360 TPD. Typical Applications Steel: Blast furnace oxygen-rich coal injection, electric furnace steelmaking Non-ferrous metallurgy: combustion-supporting for ...

    • PSA, PSA CO Plant, PSA CO Purification, CO Purification, Exhaust Treatment, Tail Gas Treatment

    PSA CO Purification Plant

    Feb. 23, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : PKU PIONEER originates the high and low consumption PSA - CO technology based on PU - 1 adsorbent, achieving the efficient separation of CO from nitrogen, methane and other components, which is of great importance for the carbonyl synthesis ...

    • Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA Oxygen Plant, PSA O2 Plant, PSA Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Generator

    PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator/System

    Feb. 23, 2021 ( Origin : China )

    Content : Production Capacity 50Nm3/h-450Nm3/h, equivalent to liquid oxygen of about 1.7 TPD - 15.4 TPD. Typical Applications The PSA-O2 generator is widely used in water treatment, flue gas ozone denitrification, kiln combustion, pulp bleaching, ...

    • ceramic ring, ceramic ring heater, ceramic rings, ceramic heater

    Alumina Ceramic Parts Rings Ceramic Heater Ceramic Ring

    Dec. 09, 2020 ( Origin : Zimbabwe )

    Content : 99% Alumina Ceramic Ring Durability, Round Ceramic Heater Ceramic Ring Heater Type: Alumina Ceramic Rings Application: Structure Ceramic Material: Alumina Ceramic Model Number: CUSTOMIZED Color: White & Ivory Purity: 95% - 99.9% ...

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