Taiwan smart machinery industry shine at textile technology show ITMA 2019

Jul 02, 2019


Taiwan's textile industry has continued to attract international attention. With major global brands all choosing to use Taiwanese functional textiles, Taiwan's functional textile makers now supply around 70% of the international market.

According to Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), the export value of textile machinery from January to December 2018 was 1.02 billion US dollars, which was up nearly 1% from last year.

As part of the TAITRA delegation to ITMA 2019, a total of seven Taiwanese textile companies showcased their intelligent/smart textile machinery and innovative solutions at the show. Here are some of the innovations that were presented.

Pai Lung
The MES solution achieves thanks to POMS, which is a command center that can give orders to all machines to achieve production target, and KFMS (Knitting Fabric Management System), a complete database to help customer to realize Datamation, Pai Lung provides perfect repetition on fabrics with error rate less than 1%.

Logic Art
LA-210 machine is an innovation for dye house intelligent integration, allowing automated production centered in product development, brand creation and facilities improvement. An intelligent system with signal control, data process until the production integration, including big data analysis and the intelligent automation, doing operative control.

AK Dyeing
AK-DSL 2018 machine has washing-smart wash system and hybrid technology to reduce 30%-40% wastewater discharge. Sensor (steam, water, electric consumption, machine run speed, chemical injection rate, fabric run speed) are all embedded in the machine to provide digital operation data.

During the press conference, ACME exhibited AM-ICD, a smart machine that reduces the necessary evil of the conventional dyeing machine with 65% water reduced, 65% pollution reduced, and 65% chemical, energy and power saved.

CCI Tech
CCI's automated sampling solution only requires as minimum as 1 bobbin to complete the whole process from sizing, warping to weaving. And the lead time for making a sample fabric, can be easily shorten from few weeks to just a few hours.

Tai Ho Shing (THS)
Rosso Method is an automatic linker machine that essentially joins the two open ends of the open sock together. This method reduces the traditional three steps hand linking into only one step. In addition, reduces 30-50% of the total production time.

Taiwan Giu Chun (T.C.H)
The double bed warp knitting produces lateral contraction garment flexible tapes, with high production, saving space and less maintenance. The cord knitting machine produces shoelace, ropes, glassed string and decorative cords with flat, round, triangle or quadrilateral shape.

Source: TAITRA

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