Apple and Google Beat Microsoft in Top Brands Rankings

Oct 20, 2019

Apple has secured the leading spot in the latest Interbrand study, beating runner-up Google and third-placed Amazon. Microsoft is only fourth in the charts for the Best Global Brands 2019 rankings.

Interbrand says it looks at three key factors for each company, namely the final performance of products and services, how important the brand is when it comes to purchase decisions, and the brand’s competitive strength and ability to create loyalty.

Apple is thus number one with a 9% increase, followed by Google and Amazon with +8% and +24%, respectively. Microsoft is fourth thanks to a growth of 17%, according to the figures that you can also check out in the photo included in the article.

Tech industry for the win
More interesting is that technology companies dominate the top 10, while Facebook drops from position 9 to 14. Dell is once again back in the charts after six years.

“The technology sector continues to lead the Best Global Brand rankings in 2019. Tech companies account for half of the top 10 brands — Apple (#1, USD $234.24B), Google (#2, USD $167.71B), Amazon (USD $125.26B), Microsoft (#4, $108.85B) and Samsung (#6, USD $61.1B) — and show an average growth in brand value of nine percent, tied for second behind only the luxury and retail sector,” Interbrand explains.

However, tech wasn’t the top-growing sector this year, but luxury, the research shows. No less than 9 luxury brands entered the top 100, and Interbrand says it’s all thanks to a combination of several factors.

“The most successful brands in the luxury space are those that have adapted to rapid changes in the global marketplace, including catering to a younger consumer base whose stylistic tastes have shifted toward streetwear, who are tech-first in their purchasing habits, and who increasingly demand for shareable, memorable moments from any brick-and-mortar retail experiences,” the research notes.

Other notable rankings include Huawei on position 74, PayPal on 72, and Nintendo on 89.


Source: Softpedia News

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