Fine Mist Sprayers Market 2020

Nov 25, 2020

0.2 cc Fine Mist Sprayer from Taiwan Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Finger tip sprayers currently account for ~60% of the fine mist sprayers market share. Though finger tip sprayers hold a higher revenue than trigger sprayers, ongoing developments are being made in trigger sprayers. For instance, leading supplier of spraying systems, Silgan Dispensing, announced the launch of Mini-Trigger™ Curve fine mist sprayer to add to their portfolio of cosmetic and personal care products. As such, cosmetic & personal care end use segment is expected lead the fine mist sprayers market in terms of revenue.

Companies in the fine mist sprayers market are engineering novel trigger sprayers for enhanced performance for hairsprays, gels, and sunscreens. They are fine-tuning their production capabilities to develop fine mist sprayers with sleek designs and ones that command shelf appeal. Companies are increasing R&D to manufacture an expanded range of outputs in sprayers to cater to the needs of consumers. On-the-go portability is one of the key drivers that is helping manufacturers to meet the requirements of consumers.

Mist Sprayers Gain Prominence in Agriculture to Protect Cattle from disease-carrying Insects
Manufacturers are tapping opportunities in other end uses, such as in the agricultural sector. For instance, the provider of agricultural sprayers Agrimist is developing fine mist sprayers that cater to complicated applications in the agricultural sector. Thus, the fine mist sprayers market is projected for exponential growth with an estimated revenue of ~US$ 1.9 Bn by the end of 2027.

Personalized customer services and partnerships are becoming the key focus points of manufacturers in the agriculture fine mist sprayers market. Companies are extending their services to offer knowledgeable advice on functional equipment to end users. Fine mist sprayers are being highly publicized in the agricultural sector in order to protect cattle from insects and other pests during high temperatures. Hence, companies are increasing their production capabilities to develop innovative and effective mist sprayers to reduce health risks associated with disease-carrying flies and mosquitos. On the other hand, agricultural mist sprayers are being increasingly used to fertilize and feed vineyards.


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Eco-friendly Non-aerosol Sprayers Replace Propellant Gasses
Non-aerosol fine mist sprayers are a novel addition in the global packaging landscape. For instance, in November 2019, leading manufacturer of high-quality merchandize for the beauty industry announced the launch of their sleek PET non-aerosol fine mist spray bottles. This is evident, since plastic material dominates the fine mist sprayers market in terms of value and volume. Hence, manufacturers are increasing production capacities to develop non-aerosol sprayers with a spray top that deliver fine mist of liquid formulations.

Companies in the fine mist sprayers market are increasing research in unique spray mechanisms that alleviate the need for propellant gasses. Non-aerosol fine mist sprayers are gaining popularity as eco-friendly packaging solutions, since they deliver similar effect to traditional aerosol packaging sans the harmful environment impact. On the other hand, finger tip sprayers are estimated for aggressive growth during the forecast period. Hence, manufacturers are developing sprayers that atomize liquids of low as well as high viscosity.

Manufacturers Target Complex End-Use Applications to Fulfill Needs of Individuals
Fine mist sprayers are being increasingly used in airless paint sprayers. However, these sprayers require a ton of pressure to atomize the paint while pushing it through the head of the unit. This leads to issues of overspraying, resulting in gloppy streaks and undesirable errors in the painting process. Hence, manufacturers in the fine mist sprayers market are targeting the use of airless paint sprayers in applications that require painting on large spaces.

In another instance, manufacturers are leveraging the advantages of fine mist sprayers in high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers. These innovative sprayers are creating revenue streams for manufacturers since they are known as precision painting tools. The science of HVLP paint sprayers is acquiring prominence in domestic settings where individuals demand precision painting to beautify furniture and cabinets. Thus, manufacturers in the fine mist sprayers market are targeting customers that demand aesthetic feel for their interiors and furniture.


Source: Eurowire

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