WOOD-TEC 2017 to be held in late October

Aug 29, 2016

WOOD-TEC logoThe next WOOD-TEC International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry will be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 31 October to 3November 2017. WOOD-TEC is a prestigious Central European event in its field and the most important fair for the woodworking and furniture industries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This particular Czecho-Slovak concept is a supporting idea of ​​its 2017 edition. The period of the fair was established in cooperation with professional associations that will participate in the preparations for the exhibition and its sideline programme. WOOD-TEC is included in the network of fairs supported by the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers EUMABOIS.

The year 2015 confirmed that WOOD-TEC is a place to get an overview of the market, for purchases and meetings for the Czech and Slovak professionals in wood processing and furniture manufacturing. Their interest was enjoyed by the WOOD-TEC Arena; that is why you will see it as a prime spot for the sideline programme in the year 2017 as well.

Recapitulation of the successful 2015 edition
In what is already the 14th WOOD-TEC International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry some 297 companies and more than 190 world brands from 19 countries took part, exhibiting in Pavilions V and F as well as the surrounding outdoor areas. The woodsmen came into their own, as this year was the biggest in terms of exhibiting companies and brands represented since 2009. In 2013 there were 280 companies and 140 world brands. The growth in interest in participation in this year’s fair was mainly in the areas of machinery, tools and equipment. Preliminary statistics show that the fair received some 12 000 visitors. Some 55 specialised journalists were accredited during the trade fair, 20 of them from abroad.

According to the exhibitors this year’s trade fair was a success. The majority of the visitors to the exhibition centre were from the wood-processing field, and had a clear idea of what they wanted, which in most cases was to acquire new technology for their operations. In this way the fair confirmed that also in this area there has been a recovery. The exhibitors assessed that people were no longer afraid to invest in the development of their companies, and that the same was true for end users. All the exhibiting companies were in favour of the two-year cycle of the WOOD-TEC trade fair, as it gives them time to develop and produce new machinery or to offer improved technology. It can be said that practically all the firms had something new to show at their stands. The exhibitors evaluated WOOD-TEC as a key event in the Czech Republic and recorded already in the first three days significantly greater numbers of visitors to their stands. This year there was a distinct increase in the number of visitors from Slovakia, which corresponds to the fact that Slovak companies were presenting their products on a three times greater area (more than 600m2) than in 2013. Thus WOOD-TEC has become a Czecho-Slovak trade fair.


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