Japan is open for business “Let's create packaging for all our tomorrows”

Mar 31, 2018

TOKYO PACK 2018 is Asia's premier international packaging technology and design show. It is where conversations start for international, cross-cultural and multi-sector cooperation between developed and developing countries, aimed at solving the biggest issues of today and tomorrow.

  • show runs from 2 - 5 October 2018
  • Early Bird Discounts until 15 December 2017
  • expected total footfall up to 200,000
  • free admission for pre-registered visitors

A third of the world's food supply is lost and wasted, creating the third-largest single source of greenhouse-gases after China and the USA. This toxic mountain that casts a shadow
over the environment also endangers human health and packaging has a role in reducing the threat.

Saving food and waste will be a key theme of Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition TOKYO PACK 2018. Japanese industry specialities include precision engineering, active technologies in pack devices and smart films that draw on Japan's 50 pioneering years, innovation in resealable systems for flexible plastics, and functional packaging papers and boards. Environmental 'heroes' in water-based printing are cutting levels of avoidable greenhouse-gas emissions. One of Japan's champions in that sector wants the world to sing from the same song-sheet and is encouraging others to join the effort to improve air quality in their local neighbourhoods, across cities and the wider environment. Chinese printers have been first in line to take up the offer.

TOKYO PACK 2018 will be an exciting networking space, where important conversations will happen between top packaging professionals from around the world.

Companies in the northern and southern hemispheres see Japan as geographically strategic and a place for fresh challenges, while their markets in well-trodden territories go from strength to strength. The country's increasingly internationalised retail scene is starting to look familiar to a visitor's eyes, and this opens up opportunities for new players.

Products have to work hard to win acceptance from hard-to-please Japanese consumers and those that do deserve respect.

TOKYO PACK 2018 will be where plans are made for expansion into the Japanese market.

Breaking into the Japanese market is a badge of honour and seals your reputation for quality and service. You need to know your audience and be able to meet high expectations of perfection. Attendees at TOKYO PACK 2018 get close to the industry, discover the cultural norms, business protocols, how retail distribution chains work, and the impact of recycling and waste management on packaging choices. Packaging in Japan is expected to provide good service from the start to the end of its life.

TOKYO PACK 2018 will be a one-stop shop for insights into the Japanese market and how to give packaging a Japanese accent.

With population growth in reverse and average age on the rise, Japan needs solutions for a new reality. The Japanese industry wants to build bridges and super-highways for sharing know-how related to production processes and people-centred design. It already has a track record as a creative hub, somewhere international forums are conceived and born. A global knowledge centre for the rapidly-expanding active and intelligent packaging technology sector grew from a conversation in Japan in 2012. The A&IP Association with a European base in the Netherlands has now spawned a Chinese alliance and will hold its first major summit event in the United States of America in June 2018.

TOKYO PACK 2018 will be where seeds are sown for scalable projects that unite a world of inspired ideas and technical expertise.

Japanese ingenuity in producing refined designs for applications across all sectors and categories is world-renowned. Commercial successes reflect the wants and needs of Japanese consumers and industry, and they signpost 'trends of tomorrow' for developed and developing regions. This high level of market awareness was reflected in a haul of 26 WorldStars in 2018 for designs judged to be the 'best of the best' in the world.

TOKYO PACK 2018 will give a sneak peek of future WorldStar winners and trends of tomorrow.

TOKYO PACK 2018 is held at Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center located in spectacular Tokyo Bay. Every two years TOKYO PACK gives the Asia region its largest display of newly commercialized and prototype technology and pack design. With new impetus from global marketing, the TOKYO PACK brand is on track to achieving a truly international status.

“We expect to register in advance around 70,000 visitors and see up to 200,000 in total coming through the doors over the four days, with a much greater overseas participation,”says Shigeo Koshino, general managing director of Japan Packaging Institute, the show's organiser.

TOKYO PACK is growing as an international brand and promoting itself through

The Network run by the All4Pack cooperative of independent shows. Information can be found on the All4Pack website. Come and join us at TOKYO PACK 2018 to create packaging for all our tomorrows!

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