【Final Report】GrindTec2018

Jun 01, 2018

19,100 visitors from 66 countries ensured the success of the world’s leading trade fair for grinding technology

The industry is booming, the order books of many companies are overflowing. In view of these circumstances, many exhibitors were doubtful if the number of visitors in 2018 would again be as high as they were used to from previous events. But the visitors came, even more than ever: With 19,100 guests, GrindTec also achieved an all-time high and completed the great success, after a record number of exhibitors and exhibition space. On top of all that, the mood at the GrindTec2018 was consistently good, the industry was quite optimistic, also with regard to the near future, as the representative survey of visitors and exhibitors by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung (trade fair market research), Dortmund, confirms.

Gelszus confirms: Top ratings from exhibitors and visitors
The overwhelming majority of the 645 exhibitors were delighted with the excellent results, as Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, Dortmund, determined in a representative visitor survey: 92% of the companies represented, rated their trade fair participation as "very good", "good" or "satisfactory". There are also high expectations with regard to post-fair business: 74% of companies rate it as "very good" or "good", 20% as "satisfactory".

The audience was even more international than two years ago: From a total of 66 countries, the proportion of foreign guests coming to Augsburg rose from 29 to 38%. And the visitors’ verdict on the GrindTec was just as excellent as it was two years ago: 72% rate their visit to the fair as "very good" or "good", another 24% as "satisfactory". So it is no surprise that 96% of them would like to come again to the GrindTec2020.

Order fair GrindTec:  More than 3,400 visitors place orders
18% of the visitors have already placed orders at the GrindTec, even more so than in 2016, when 15% replied to this question with "yes". So we are talking about at least 3,400 orders, on average at least 5 per exhibitor!! Furthermore, 72% of the visitors stated that they had made contacts at the GrindTec which could lead to orders after the trade fair. And this result probably also contributed to the good mood among the exhibitors: More than one in two respondents (53%) had come to prepare or secure an investment.

Top audience: International decision-makers are growing
With a share of 38% of foreign visitors (2016: 31%), the GrindTec 2018 was more international than ever before. Grinding technology experts from 66 nations (2016: 55) were registered at the GrindTec 2018.  84% of them are "sole decision-makers" or "co-decision-makers", or at least "involved in an advisory capacity". And their assessment of the range of products and services on offer at the fair is outstanding: 78% rate it "very good" or "good", another 19% are at least "satisfied".

Starting over: GrindTec 2020 from 18 to 21 March
The documents for the GrindTec 2020 will already be dispatched next September, for which the new exhibition hall 2, the largest hall of the Augsburg Exhibition Centre with around 8,500 square meters, will then be available for the first time.

Source: GrindTec – the worldwide leading platform for grinding technology

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