Japan’s largest Global Trade show for fashion industry

Mar 04, 2019

This is a unique Japanese trade show offering materials and brands together, combing FASHION WORLD TOKYO and FASHION WORLD TOKYO -FACTORY-. This is the only event which can satisfy all your needs for fashion due to gathering all the manufacturers in one place.

FASHION WORLD TOKYO consists of 4 separate shows divided by themed categories of fashion items (FASHION WEAR EXPO, BAG EXPO, FASHION JEWELLERY EXPO and SHOES EXPO) and FASHION WORLD TOKYO -FACTORY-, a gathering of popular fashion garments/textiles companies and fashion sourcing manufacturers. (TEXTILE TOKYO and FASHION SOURCING TOKYO) The on-site meeting provides good business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors.

It is a must-attend event to catch up with Japanese fashion trends that became loved in the Asian countries. It has also become a one-stop venue for fashion industry as it covers whole fashion supply chain.

Best platform for B to B
One of the features of FASHION WORLD TOKYO is its focusing on “the BEST business platform.” Show Management has developed various kinds of approaches to make the show accessible and productive, such as introducing “Matchmaking Service” and online appointment platform. The fulfilling support systems have gained growing support from both exhibitors and visitors. The 2019 March show will also provide them with the best platform Pre-show report for cross-border business supported actively by Show Management.

Explore Made-in-Japan collections
One of the biggest features of the show is the exhibition of unique “Made-in-Japan” quality. As the largest show of its kind in Japan, FASHION WORLD TOKYO attracts lots of Japanese designers/brands -- some value subtle craftsmanship and others pursue cutting-edge techniques to realize innovative ideas.

For example, "Stitch-on" is made by craftsmen in Toyooka, Japan's largest baggage producer. And "Tart Optical Arnel" is a Japanese brand for glasses with a long-established spectacle shop existed in NewYork. J.Dean also liked the model 40's one. Currently Johnny Depp is using 50's model of a vintage line. This is Japan's largest fashion trade show, gathering millions of regional municipalities’ pavilions from all over Japan. Be part of the exhibition and discover the original line-ups not seen in any other shows in the world!

Asian hub for fashion industry
Not only as the best gateway to the Japanese market, FASHION WORLD TOKYO is also growing to serve as a new Asian hub for the fashion industry. In October 2018, the number of international visitors mainly from Asian countries hit a record high as 1,787 from 40 countries/regions and is expected to reach 2,500 in the March 2019 edition. Premium or world-famous buyers/manufacturers will be invited to the show and their enthusiastic participation must lead to splendid outcome and growth of the entire fashion business as well as the exhibition.

Save the Date!
To visit the show, please register for visitor tickets: www.fashion-tokyo.jp/inv_en

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