Final Report : ExpoElectronica & ElectronTechExpo 2019

Jun 19, 2019

ExpoElectronica & ElectronTechExpo 2019 results: a 5% increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors and success of the new business programme events

Post-exhibition press release

From 15 to 17 of April, the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow successfully hosted the 22nd ExpoElectronica International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Component Parts and the 17th ElectronTechExpo International Exhibition of Technologies, Equipment and Materials for Electronic and Electrical Industries. The events were organised by ITE Group.

ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo reaffirmed their status of Russia’s top-rank trade shows in radio electronics.

The total exposition area was 18,000 square meters, which is 9% larger than last year. Over the three-day session, the exhibition was attended by 11,674 professionals from 61 regions of Russia and 36 countries. This is 5% up on last year’s result. The share of trade visitors, i. e. those who attended the event to search for goods or services for their business, rose as well to 83% of the total number of visitors and amounted to 9,684 people. In absolute terms, the growth rate of trade visitors was 14% versus past year.

Every year, the audience of visitors includes top executives and experts from industrial enterprises specializing in the manufacture of electronic equipment, electrical products, instruments and devices, as well as suppliers of electronic components, electronic equipment, and materials.

The list of exhibitors included 457 companies from 17 countries. Those included Russia’s and foreign leaders in the manufacture and distribution of electronic components, such as PT Electronics, Radiant, Milandr, Mikron, RC Module, Proton, R&DC Energeticheskaya Electronika, Rezonit, Tomilino Electronic Factory, MicroEM, Tekhnotekh, ICAPE. Equipment and technologies were also displayed by Ostec Group, Global Engineering, Sovtest, Klever, Eurointech, Viking, Liontech, Rhem Thermal, Rode&Schwarz, Keysight, etc.

155 new exhibitors showcased their technologies and equipment at the event for the first time, including: Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), ZEZ Silko (Czech Republic), Infineon (Germany), Aurora Components, Cleanroom Garment Laboratory (Lamsystems), China Electronics Technology Group, Dynamic Electronics (Taiwan), Amitron Electronics, Eltech, Line-com (Canada), Plant Iset, Treston (Finland), D-Former, Tekhno-Logika, Expert Electronics, Zencha-Pskov, NPO Diod, Bobrovski Insulation Factory, and others.

The exhibition served as a platform for negotiations at the level of top executives. The exhibitors displayed their R&D projects to the visitors.

The range of IoT devices showcased by Mikron included a lighting system controller, a freight tracker, a security system for museum exhibits and paintings, and many more. The company also presented the first Russian module featuring a cryptosecurity solution. On April 15, Mikron and IT company Kamin Plus signed a cooperation agreement to develop and promote software solutions and content-rich RFID applications for security and analytics systems.

Within the framework of ExpoElectronica, Russian Space Systems presented special-purpose circuit boards for space applications. For the first time ever, Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise presented its precision class 7 printed circuit boards, as well as an extensive range of printed board samples used in the manufacture of products for aviation, medicine, power engineering, nuclear and oil-and-gas industries, etc. Engineering company Ostec displayed cutting-edge proprietary solutions in the field of process automation and digitalisation in the manufacture of radioelectronic and electronic items.

The opening ceremony took place on April 15. The opening ceremony was led by Member of the Moscow City Duma and Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Science and Industry Alexander Smetanov, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Machine-Building of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Vice President for Strategic Development at FINVAL Vladimir Smetana, Deputy Director General at Moscow Expert Centre (MEC) Alexey Kolomeichuk, Director of the Economic Division of the Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission (TMECCC) Mr Chang Yu Lin, Vice president of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Artem Dalevich, Director for External Communications at Ruselectronics Arseny Brykin, Director of Mytishchi Research Institute for RF Measurement Instruments Pavel Kutsko.

The exhibition was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the Collegium of the Military Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Oleg Bochkarev. He took a thorough tour of the exposition and discussed with the exhibitors the opportunity of supplying equipment and technology under public contracts.

On April 15, the opening day of the exhibitions, the first session of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo Expert Council members was held. The Council was set up in 2019 for the purpose of planning the strategy for further project development. The participants of the exhibition marked a vivid business environment, strong engagement and a large number of target visitors at the exhibition. Visitors found the exhibitions useful in getting an insight into the industry and trends in electronics.

Business Programme

The visual and conceptual reinterpretation of the event content this year impressed the visitors and exhibitors. The three-day business agenda of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo address the most topical issues concerning the development of the industry. More than 75 top experts from Russia and other countries spoke at the conferences, panel and roundtable discussions, technical workshops and training sessions. Overall, the exhibition’s business agenda comprised 45 business events.

The highlight of the first day was the plenary session Russian Electronics Industry Today. Current State and Development Problems which involved leaders of the industry:

  • Anatoly Kovalev, Chief Executive Officer at Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center
  • Alexey Volostnov, Head of the Russian Branch of Frost&Sullivan
  • Ivan Pokrovsky, Executive Director at Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA)
  • Arseny Brykin, Director for External Communications at Ruselectronics
  • Ilya Ivantsov, Chief Executive Officer at Element LLC
  • Pavel Kuts’ko, Director of Mytishchi Research Institute for RF Measurement Instruments
  • Gulnara Khasyanova, Chief Executive Officer at Mikron PJSC
  • The next on the business agenda was the public session of the Coordination Council of designers and producers of electronic equipment, components, and engineering products titled “Building Partnerships and Developing Cooperation Between Enterprises Specialising in Electronics and Radioelectronics and Enterprises of the Rolling Stock Manufacturing Industry”. The participants of the session discussed opportunities and success cases regarding cooperation between enterprises specialising in electronics and radioelectronics and enterprises of the rolling stock manufacturing industry.

The busy agenda of the first day was closed with the intensive workshop on Technical and Regulatory Control in the Designing and Production of Electronic Products. The workshop included speeches by leading Russian experts and IPC representative in Europe Andres Ojalill.

On April 17, the visitors had the opportunity to visit the conference Microelectronics in Russia: Current State and Growth Areas. The conference opened with a panel discussion on the Development of Technological and Production Potential in Russian Microelectronics, where the leader of Mikron PJSC Gulnara Khasyanova announced the goal and motto of the exhibitions: “Association and Cooperation”.

Among the participants of the discussion were Evgeny Kuzmin, Chief Commercial Officer at Angstrem-T, Evgeny Maslennikov, Chief Executive Officer at GS Nanotech, Ekaterina Bocharova, Marketing & Sales Manager at FORM Co. Ltd., Vladimir Krupnik, Deputy CEO for Business Development at Crocus Nano Electronics, Sergey Belostotsky, Deputy CEO at Mapper LLC.

Within the framework of the panel discussion, the participants talked through the measures to ensure the growth of production capacity. The discussion was followed by an open session of the Business Committee addressing various subjects such as Navigation & Communications, Medicine, Agriculture, Blockchain, and Big Data. The program of the session also involved presentation of promising projects in microelectronics before institutes for the support of industry and entrepreneurship.

On April 17, visitors and exhibitors of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo first witnessed a new format of business events used by the organisers: the discussion battle Russian Electronics. A Glimpse into the Future. The battle was moderated by Evgeny Lipkin, Chief Executive Officer at Ostec-SMT. The vivid and fascinating format of the event aroused incredible interest in the visitors of the exhibition. The guests particularly liked the opportunity to vote at the end of the debates for a certain standpoint and the team advocating it.

At the intensive training session titled Topical Problems of PCB Designing and Modelling practitioners explained to the audience how to make PCB designs constructible. The event was worth visiting for engineering staff of Russian developers and manufacturers of electronics.

At the R&D contest Innovative Radioelectronics (INRADEL), the contestants presented their projects to a panel of judges. Some of the projects were presented for the first time, such as a service for integrated indoor climate monitoring (ClimateGuard), a 3D printed antenna for a UAV radar (PrintEl), a new generation of sensing elements in external impact sensors (Reform), a neuroelectric interface for VR to control muscle activities (Enforcer). The panel of judges consisted of subject-matter experts from Avanteh, Modul and ELVEES. The event allowed young specialists to get feedback from industry experts on their design solutions.

Within the framework of Career Day in Electronics, an enlarged session of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions for Electronic Component Base was first held to address the issues of staffing and professional training of specialists in electronics. The session was run by President of MIET, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Council of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions for Electronic Component Base Yury Chaplygin. Career Day was attended by students of MIET and MEPhI. They took a guided tour of the exposition, visited the booths of the exhibitors and were introduced to the on-the-job training programs offered by the participants.

In 2020, ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo will take place on April 13-15 in Crocus Expo IEC. Furthrt infor, please click

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