Taiwan Hardware Show 2019 (THS 2019)

Aug 26, 2019

The 19th Taiwan Hardware Show (THS2019) is an important trade fair for Asian boutique hardware procurement. It is expected to be held at the Taichung International Exhibition Center from October 17 to 19, 2019.

For a long time, the hardware hand tool industry has been adhering to Taiwan’s global vision and is an important international professional exhibition not to be missed. In 2019, the exhibition was once again held in Taiwan’s major hardware city. The flexible production technology and superb research and development capabilities of the hardware industry in Taiwan’s middle and lower reaches are fully reflected in this international industry exchange platform! Continued last year’s exhibition successfully held, the scale of this exhibition has reached a record high, the manufacturer’s update rate has reached 80%, indicating that exhibitors have a high degree of recognition and support for the effectiveness of the exhibition.

Taiwan Hardware Exhibition plans eight areas: tools and accessories, locks, fasteners and fasteners, building materials hardware, gardening and outdoor leisure products, automotive maintenance supplies and auto parts, hardware machinery and equipment, security protection, Taiwan hardware industry strong marketing innovation efforts Success in design, brand building and the latest technology development.

THS’s top manufacturer alliance produces a variety of hardware for automotive, precision instrumentation, mechanical equipment, aerospace, construction and construction, transportation, shipbuilding, electronics, agriculture and more. For the home construction industry, Baote Industrial Co., Ltd. will launch its faucets and bathroom accessories to meet the customer’s favor, and use high-quality materials and high-level manual technology design.

Internationally diverse exhibitions to promote the efficiency of industrial exchanges

The advantages of THS have been internationally recognized and for the first time attracted German manufacturers Dursol-Fabrik and Meller Tools to set up an exhibition. Japan’s century-old hand tool manufacturer Fujiwara Industries Co., Ltd. THS is also chosen as an important market for global market expansion. In addition, in order to assist exhibitors in the upgrading of production and warehousing management technology, warehousing and logistics company Pentium Logistics Company was invited to participate in the exhibition for the first time, providing different new features of the exhibition.


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