2021 Taiwan Hardware Show: The only local and international exhibition

Mar 22, 2021

  The only exhibition in Taiwan for professional international hardware and hand tools, Taiwan Hardware Show is to be held at the Taichung International Exhibition Center from October 13th to 15th, right before the Canton Fair, attracting buyers from around the world. This year, Kaigo Co., the organizer continues to integrate offline to online Integration to create a Virtual and Physical Event, which was widely acclaimed in 2020. While expanding in to themes that include an Online Purchasing Fair, Exhibitor Boutique Zone, and Industry Leadership Forum. The goal is to help hardware businesses seize the business opportunities to get started ahead in post-pandemic economic recovery and develop overseas markets.

2020 Taiwan Hardware Show- the only hardware event worldwide
  Due to the outstanding pandemic mitigation in Taiwan, Taiwan Hardware Show was the only hardware event held, worldwide in 2020. It received wide attention from the global hardware industry and allowed Taiwan’s hardware and hand tool manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition, as the best supply chain partners for global brands and distributors. 2020 Taiwan Hardware Show was held alongside International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan); together, they attracted over 400 exhibitors and 23,000 participants. In the exhibitions, foreign buyers negotiated with Taiwanese vendors through brand agents, traders, and direct procurement representatives. In addition, the Online Matchmaking successfully matched more than 100 companies with their business partners to seize international business opportunities, making the exhibitions the most successful trade show in 2020. This showed that with crisis comes opportunities. To create business opportunities in adversity, businesses should continue to take part in exhibitions, whether it is virtually or physically.
Post-pandemic economy with potential business opportunities- attracting exhibitors and participants worldwide
  The advent of Covid-19 vaccines has mitigated the pandemic, and the ban on international business travelers is expected to be lifted in the second half of the year. Kaigo Co., the organizer, has begun to assist foreign business travelers to come to Taiwan, and to plan a one-stop service for exhibition viewing, purchasing, and factory visits. The organizer has also been working on integrating online exhibitions as well as complementary measures to ensure an efficient trade fair experience. For international publicity, Kaigo continues to promote the Taiwan Hardware Show through well-known media that include Torque (UK), DIY International (Germany), Bricomag (France), Hardware Retailing (USA), Italy Export Magazine (Italy), and Japan DIY Homecenter (Japan), in order to attract more buyers from Europe, the United Sates, and Japan.
Taiwan’s best international trade fair with years of support from reputable manufacturers
  Taiwan Hardware Show is the best trade fair for seeking business opportunity in the field of hardware and hand tools. ZHANG, Ting-Wei; chairman of the leading tool chest manufacturer Machan International Co. in Taiwan, which has participated in the exhibition for 12 consecutive years, suggests that Taiwan Hardware Show allows his business to reach more international customers over the years. And, the multitude customer needs have been the driven force for Machan Int. to shift towards value-based business, and, this spirit is deeply rooted in our statement “Machan, Marching on”.
By participating in this very exhibition in 2021, Machan Int. shows our customers that Taiwan remains its industrial productivity in spite of the covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the fair will be held in Taichung, known for its hand tools industry on an international scale. Besides Machan Int., other reputable hand tool manufacturers including Re-Dai Precision, Yih Cheng Factory, E-Make, Matatakitoyo, Hi Five Products, KST, Kuani, Ferro-Carbon, Stand Tools, Lih Yann, Lucky Tools, Lion Tools, Echo Tools, Kheiron, etc. are among the regular list of exhibitor for years, whose presence mark the importance of this event for Taiwan’s hardware industry.
Exhibitor requests coming in- limited seats available at a discount rate 
Due to the huge success in 2020, there have been over 250 businesses from last year signing up for 2021, seizing their post-pandemic business opportunities in advance. This year, Taiwan Hardware Show once again joins hands with iMT Taiwan during the same show period. In addition, Taiwan Hardware Show is curating, for the first time in history, the exhibition with Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, introducing a subsidy of NT$20,000 per stand. For more details, please contact Andrew Liu of Kaigo Co. at ths@kaigo.com.tw, or +886-02-2595-4212#725.


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