Product Preview: FDT Co. automation control platform

Sep 29, 2010

FDT Co. is a professional supplier who dedicate to developing image processing and industrial automation controller for years. Recently, FDT has presented embedded industrial automation control platform with TI ARM Cortex processor to meet the market demand for human-machine interface(HMI) and high performance industrial automation controller. The control platform can assist manufacturers and designers to accelerate their developing process and win the market share with more competitive integrated system.


With low power consumption and high performance TI ARM Cortex, the FDT’s industrial automation control platform support 2D/3D illustration and HD output to fulfill the demand for graphic user interface(GUI). In addition, the installations of serial ports, digital I/O interfaces, modular design and TFT LCD display design can be applied to different fields, such as unmanned control room monitoring, factory automation, digital signage and Kiosk, etc.


Diversified I/O interface, the fit solution for various application
With diversified I/O interface, FDT’s industrial automation control platform can be applied to digital signage, factory automation, industrial control, etc. The automatic hardware flow control via serial port provides the best solution for most equipment control application. Its built-in processor, TI ARM Cortex, can process the multi-media more efficiently; that will be the best choice for digital signage.


The energy efficient platform with low power consumption
The Embedded TI ARM Cortex processor provides outstanding power management. With low power consumption, it can be applied to the application that is concerned energy consumption. The processor can suspends the power separately whenever the individual module is on idle mode; therefore, the specific feature can fulfills customer’s real needs.
With the characteristic of low power consumption, flexibility and diversity, FDT’s Industrial automation control platform is suitable for any field of embedded application. Further more, FDT Co. can also provide customized service.


  • TI ARM Cortex-A8 600-MHz Core Processor
  • 16kB I-Cache, 16kB D-Cache, 256kB L2.
  • 128MB NAND Flash + 128MB DRAM.
  • High-resolution digital TFT LCD panel compatible
  • Stereo I/O interface
  • SD/MMC memory card I/O interface
  • High speed USB 2.0 OTG I/O interface
  • 10/100M Ethernet interface

Source: TAITRA

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